6 Baked Dessert Recipes for your Diwali Celebration

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Shraddha Varma

Diwali celebrations are big in India. Apart from the shopping, celebrations and camaraderie, what majorly adds to our country’s enthusiasm are the sugary indulgences – laddus, barfis and more – that are enjoyed during the festive season. Is there anything more inviting than a table decorated with a variety of desserts? Well, we don’t think so! We scoured through our sweet recipes collection to bring you six unique treats to bake this Diwali. Trust us, these delicious easy-to-bake dessert recipes are going to impress your guests and how! Think the most sinful cinnamon rolls, fudgiest chocolate cake and the most OOT halwa!

Roasted Sweet Potato Tart

6 Baked Dessert Recipes for your Diwali Celebration

Looking for a dessert that has a combination of sweet and savoury flavours? Then you must try these roasted sweet potato tarts at least once. A dessert recipe by Chef Ranveer Brar, the highlight of these roasted sweet potato tarts is the silky toffee sauce with chopped plums that the treat is finished off with. Also, you can’t miss the amazing combination of flavours – sweet, fruity and tart, all at once. It’s like a flavour bomb!

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Mocha Cake with Creamy Butter Frosting

6 Baked Dessert Recipes for your Diwali Celebration

Calling all coffee lovers! There is no way you can miss this drop-dead-scrumptious treat. With a rich dark chocolate cake and silky mocha buttercream, it proves to be the ultimate indulgence! So, if you’re looking to break the monotony of traditional sweets during Diwali, this cake, with its intense coffee flavour should be one of the sweet recipes you must try. Psst… you can even turn this into a grown-up dessert with a delightfully boozy kick to either the buttercream or the sponge – your pick. 

Orange Pistachio Cinnamon Rolls

Who said Diwali treats must be limited to traditional sweets only? If you’re out to impress your guests, try these cinnamon rolls with a citrusy twist. Chef Gautam Mehrishi uses the classic cinnamon roll recipe and takes its flavours to the next level with chopped pistachios and orange zest. The citrusy flavours of the orange zest brighten the soft and light rolls and chopped pistachios lend a much-needed crunch to it. What’s even more interesting is the glaze made using grated dark chocolate, condensed milk and water. 

Sweet Coconut Samosa

6 Baked Dessert Recipes for your Diwali Celebration

Samosa  is one of the most favourite snacks in India and we’re sure you’ve eaten enough of them with savoury fillings such as potatoes and keema. Now, it is time you experiment a little with this humble snack and indulge in a sweet samosa. Here’s a baked samosa with a sweet coconut filling from chef Mehrishi’s kitchen to wow your guests and you. The subtle flavours of nutmeg and cinnamon are a treat to the taste buds. 

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Papite ka Halwa with Meethe Moti

6 Baked Dessert Recipes for your Diwali Celebration

Light up your Diwali party by serving this papite ka halwa and meethe moti by Chef Ranveer Brar. The LF expert takes semi-ripe papaya and cooks it with a generous portion of ghee, some poppy seeds, almond powder and sugar. He serves this delectable halwa with cardamom-flavoured sweet dough balls which are finished off with honey glaze. The nutty and buttery meethe moti, when eaten with warm halwa, is a celebration of various textures, flavours and ingredients!

Chocolate & Prune Triangles

6 Baked Dessert Recipes for your Diwali Celebration

Whip up a batch of festive cheer this Diwali with these puff pastry triangles, filled with a mixture of chocolate chips and prunes. These bite-sized desserts are baked until the pastry is golden-brown, the chocolate is gooey and the flavours of prunes and choco chips have come together. With their symphony of textures – crispy, chunky and soft - they will surely elicit a ‘wow’ from your guests at the Diwali party.

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