5 Wine Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Is imported wine better? Is expensive wine worth it? Here’s everything you needed to know about wines

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There are a lot of myths when it comes to wines. Since it’s a concept that’s come to us from the West, many myths abound when it comes to picking the right wine, choosing the right bottle and buying the most expensive wine. Here’s breaking down some of the most stubborn wine myths.

All Wines can age

Older the wine the better it is holds true for only a miniscule percentage of the total wine produced in the world. So, the next time you go wine shopping and aren’t sure of what to buy, pick the latest vintage and you won’t regret. Cabernet Sauvignon, Barolo, Bordeaux reds, Riesling, Gruner Veltliners are some variants that age well.

Best Wine

‘What is the best wine?’ is a question I come across very often. It is like asking about someone’s best country, vehicle, vegetable, perfume etc as the answer in all the cases depend on personal likes and dislikes. Wine has so many factors such as tannins, acidity, sugar levels, aromas, mouth feel etc that the permutations for what one can take a liking to are aplenty. So keep trying until you figure the best wine for you!

Imported is Better

Well yes; wine making practices and the whole modern wine culture has come to us from the West but that doesn’t mean that everything that gets imported is better. India is making world-class sauvignon blancs, shirazs and more and at a price much lesser than these imports and remember many local wines would produce wines suiting the palate of its countrymen. Lastly, a wine you pay in thousands is perhaps much more cheaper at source, so don’t be swayed by just the price.

Expensive is Good

Price and quality can’t be equated and never should be. It should be a matter of taste and authenticity which could still come inexpensive. A young Pinot Noir smells of strawberry and raspberry and with age aromas of mushrooms get added to it and sells at a higher price. Now the question is, are you happy with strawberries or you need the shrooms! Old Monk is a live example of what I intend to say.

Screw Caps over Cork

As mentioned earlier, most wines aren’t meant to age and screw caps do a fine job to preserve the wine for five to seven years easily. Thus, screw cap wines do not mean inferior quality; the best of wines come in screw caps. Natural cork is essential for wines meant to age for a longer period as it is the only form of closure which would keep oxygen, the wine spoiler, at bay for extended periods.

Lastly, as we enter the cooler season the reasons to savour wines and spirits are omnipresent. “I drink lots of water,” is a common phrase I hear people use while citing solutions to mitigate the effects of alcohol. Water helps to you keep hydrated as alcohol has diuretic properties however, the load of the latter on the liver remains the same irrespective. So this season, drink safe, drink responsibly and don’t forget - One Liver.

Written exclusively for Living Foodz by Ajit Balgi, founder of wine and beverage consultancy and experiences firm The Happy High


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