5 Ways To Give Your Jalebi A Festive Makeover

Turn the classic jalebi into a dessert fit for the festive season with these ideas

Shraddha Varma

The festive season means a series of get-togethers with loved ones at home. Hosting a festive party is incomplete without a feast and of course, a festive feast must end on a sweet note. After planning and preparing the appetisers and main course for your festive menu, it can be tedious to make even the sweet dish at home. Luckily, there are enough Indian sweet dish shops around to take care of the dessert menu.

During the festive season, Indian sweet dish shops offer a variety of sweet dishes presented in decorative boxes that make for perfect festive season gifting options. Laddu and jalebi are some of the most popular Indian sweet dish in the festive season. No one can resist the delicious, bright orange jalebi and if it's the festive season, you have all the reasons to indulge.

So, if you've decided to serve the good old jalebi to your guests for your festive party, how about jazzing it up for a personal touch? When you're running short on time and can't make the jalebi recipe from scratch, these easy tips will help you get creative with the store-bought jalebi. In no time, you will have several sweet dish options for your guests with the same jalebi.

Chocolate-covered Jalebi

Let’s start with the simplest idea. Sure, jalebis are perfect just as they are, but, what if we say the jalebi recipe can become even more scrumptious with just one easy step? All you need is some good quality chocolate of your choice. Melt the chocolate in a microwave for about 15 to 20 seconds or until runny. Once done, set it aside till it reaches room temperature. Then, dunk the jalebi in the melted chocolate and cover it with chocolate on both sides. Place the chocolate-covered jalebis in the refrigerator. For those who do not want their dessert to be overwhelmingly sweet, we recommend using dark chocolate for this special jalebi recipe. This jalebi combination will help balance out the flavours.

Jalebi Ice Cream

This simple yet fun idea comes from Chef Varun Ramchandran, creative head, Living Foodz Digital. For this, all you need are some fresh jalebis (room temperature) and vanilla ice cream and you’re sorted! Whether you've made the jalebi recipe at home or purchased your jalebi from a shop, it doesn't matter. Simply crush the jalebis or cut small chunks of it and add it to the ice cream. Mix well and freeze. Voila! Your jalebi ice cream is ready to serve! *runs into the kitchen to make this quick and easy-to-make jalebi ice cream*

Dip Jalebi in Flavoured Sugar Syrup

When you're making the jalebi recipe at home, keep this tip from Chef Siddharth Kalyanaraman, Executive Chef, Cream Centre, Mumbai, in mind. He goes back to the sugar syrup step in the jalebi recipe. The regular jalebi recipe suggests soaking the jalebi in regular sugar syrup. Instead, chef Kalyanaraman suggests, adding flavoured oil to the sugar syrup. Before you do so, he explains, “Remember that the batter of the jalebi recipe is sour, so you need to pick an oil which has a sweeter taste. You can’t use lemon oil. Instead, you can use vanilla or even mandarin since the latter has a combination of sweetness and a slight tartness to it.”

Serve Jalebi With Dips

Chef Kalyanaraman takes inspiration from churros con chocolate to give the traditional Indian sweet dish a Spanish touch. There are many types of jalebi that are inspired from the classic jalebi recipe. For this tip, you will need paneer jalebi – the chubby cousin of the humble jalebi. When you make the paneer jalebi recipe at home, instead of dipping the jalebi in sugar syrup, simply sprinkle some powdered sugar over the jalebi. You can then serve the jalebi with a platter of multiple flavours of sugar syrups that work as dips or a cup of hot chocolate. Make sure that the consistency of the syrup you use for the dip is thicker than the usual syrup so the paneer jalebi can be properly coated. Some of the dips that chef Kalyanaraman suggests serving your jalebi with are raspberry, blueberry, mandarins and rabdi (thickened). Just like in the flavoured-sugar syrup tip, here too, you have to make sure that you don’t pick oils that will add sourness to the jalebi.

Jalebi Cheesecake

One of the best fusion dessert ideas to whip up during the festive season is turning your jalebi recipe into a jalebi cheesecake. To make this jalebi cheesecake, you follow the same procedure that you do for a regular cheesecake. First make the base out of butter and biscuit crumbs. Freeze it for 10 minutes. Once done, beat cream cheese with icing sugar in a bowl. Now, add some crushed jalebis and fold it into the mixture carefully. In a separate bowl, whisk some double cream until soft. Then combine both the mixtures. Spread the mixture on top of the biscuit base and refrigerate for 2 to 2.5 hours. 

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