5 Ways to Give the Classic Gajar Ka Halwa a Makeover

Take your love for gajar ka halwa a notch up with these recipe ideas

Shraddha Varma

We, Indians, take our sweet dishes seriously. And often, we pile up our plates with sweet dishes after our meals - from melt-in-the-mouth laddus to succulent gulab jamuns and crispy jalebis. Just as the fashion world sees new trends coming up each year, the culinary world too is constantly evolving as food lovers seek to push the envelope, as far as textures and flavours are concerned. Taking a cue from this, several Indian chefs are blending conventional Indian sweet dishes with Western desserts and styles of cooking, to present interesting spin-off desserts. Think rasmalai macarons, gulab jamun cheesecake and more. 

Of the many Indian sweet dishes that are getting a makeover, gajar ka halwa is one of our favourites. Just imagine grated red carrots doused in the goodness of milk, sugar and khoya – pure bliss, right? What if this could be taken a notch up by reimagining the classic carrot halwa recipe? It is only for the pure love of this Indian sweet dish that we asked three chefs to share with us fusion inventions that can be done with the winter-favourite carrot halwa. So after you make the carrot halwa recipe at home, don’t forget to try the following carrot halwa recipe ideas.

Carrot Halwa Mousse

One of the simplest makeovers to give your favourite carrot halwa recipe comes from LF chef Shipra Khanna. She says you can easily transform the carrot halwa into a mousse. All you need to do is mash it properly, add a mixture of cream cheese and whipping cream and fold properly. "You can even add a pinch of cardamom powder to the mix," suggests Khanna. Once done with the folding, put it in the refrigerator to chill. Serve it in a martini glass, garnished with chopped pistachios.

Carrot Halwa Rice Balls

Chef Ranveer Brar’s five-ingredient carrot halwa rice balls make for a great dessert recipe in case you have some leftover gajar ka halwa in the refrigerator. To make this, boil water in a pan, add rice flour and whisk continuously. Then, add ghee and mix well. Once the flour is cooked, transfer it onto a plate and add sesame seeds. Divide the flour into 4 to 6 equal portions and make roundels out of them. Now, carefully stuff these roundels with leftover carrot halwa and make rice balls – TADA! Your carrot halwa rice balls are ready to serve. 

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Carrot Halwa and Cream Layered Vanilla Cake

Another easy-peasy yet creative idea from chef Khanna is a delicate and spongy cake with a desi surprise. Here the expert says, "You can bake a simple vanilla cake and layer it with carrot halwa and whipped cream." So, are you trying this at home today or are you trying this at home today? You can also add some chopped nuts for that extra crunch and taste #JustSaying!

Pista Gajrela with Coconut Trifle

Make the classic carrot halwa recipe and then take it to the next level by serving it as a trifle with whipped coconut cream, says chef Vijay Sethi, Master Chef, Punjab Grill. For the trifle, first, whip coconut cream with some honey. In case you’re a vegan, replace honey with maple syrup. Layer the carrot halwa and coconut cream in a tall glass to serve and garnish it with ground pistachios. 

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Carrot Halwa Tart

Chef Khanna’s next idea features a warm and rich carrot halwa and cream cheese tart. For this, you start with the shortcrust pastry dough, made using all-purpose flour, unsalted butter and cold water. Make the dough into a tight ball, wrap in a cling film, and refrigerate for at least an hour or up to a day. Now, flatten the dough using a rolling pin – like a roti. Once done, grease a tart mould, line it with the dough carefully, and bake. Once it is ready, unmould the tart shell and fill it with the carrot halwa-cream cheese mix – voila!


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