5 Super Easy Soups That Are as Good as a Meal

Chuck the sides and mains. These warm soups make dinner delicious again!


Planning dinner is never easy, and chopping and cooking is clearly not a priority after a hard day’s work. Worry no more. We’ve got some great ideas for soups that are as good as a meal so you don’t have to spend time planning the menu. Keep calm, dinner’s ready!

Masoor Wadi Soup Recipe

5 Super Easy Soups That Are as Good as a Meal

Wholesome and quick. To spike up the flavours, its creator, chef Ranveer Brar adds paanch phooran masala—a mix of fenugreek seeds, nigella seeds, cumin seeds, black mustard seeds and fennel seeds in equal parts—and cooks it in mustard oil. Slurrrrp!

Spicy Thai Soup Recipe

5 Super Easy Soups That Are as Good as a Meal

Go beyond Manchow and tomato soup, and try this Spicy Thai Soup instead. The base is made from fresh coconut milk. Add a shot of nutrition with sprouts and mushrooms. You could also add some glass noodles or rice to bulk it up.

Hot and Sour Chana Soup Recipe


Here’s a unique way to use roasted chana. Chef Gautam Mehrishi makes this delicious hot and sour chana soup, with parsley and dried thyme. Add pungency with black pepper and you’ll relish this protein-rich bowl.

Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup Recipe

Sweet potato is a great source of dietary fibre, vitamins A and B, as well as potassium. This healthy soup by Chef Vicky Ratnani creates a perfectly balanced, nutritious bowl of proteins and dietary fibres, with lentils and sweet potatoes. Our go-to one pot meal!

Red Curry Soup Recipe

Wish for something warm, aromatic and creamy? Here is a recipe of red curry soup by Chef Pankaj Bhadouria, which is quick and perfect for dinner. Cuddle the bowl and feel the warmth.


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