5 Restaurants That Are Keeping It Vegan in India

From simple smoothies to exquisite entrées, these vegan restaurants have it covered.

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There was a time when being vegan meant your food choices were limited, especially in a country like India, where every third dish on the menu includes dairy or dairy product—a milk-based dessert, a savoury snack fried in ghee, or a dish containing huge dollops of paneer. 

The situation is a lot different now. With celebrities joining the vegan bandwagon, there is an increase in the demand for vegan meals. Today, veganism is not just a buzzword, it is a way of life! Restaurants in cities such as Delhi and Mumbai have started offering extensive vegan meal options.

Here, we list down some vegan restaurants in India that are helping to put veganism on the map.

1. Carrots, Bengaluru

Considered to be the first-ever vegan restaurant in India, Carrots, one of the best vegan restaurants in Bengaluru, serves a variety of dishes that are worth drooling over. Their menu includes Savoury Bread Pudding with Beetroot Mozzarella, Frugie Salad, and Coconut Milk Panacotta. Their carrot cake is to die for. Carrots also conduct workshops, events, and discussions in the city that, believe it or not, also include a Vegan Donut Festival!

2. Rose Café, Delhi

When you enter the Rose Café in Delhi, you will feel that you’ve entered a dollhouse! Being one of the most sought-after vegan restaurants in Delhi, Rose Café lives up to its fame with its special vegan menu with dishes such as Skinny pizzas without the cheese and a vegan shepherd’s pie along with sandwiches, soups and pastas. Their Iced Teas are also quite popular among the regulars.

3. Wabi Sabi, Kolkata

Hidden in one of the bylanes of Kolkata, Wabi Sabi holds true to its name. With its rustic décor, this café is perfect for a date with your vegan partner. Their pumpkin-rosemary soup, asparagus on toast and couscous salad are some of the few vegan dishes that are a must-try after a hectic day at work. Delicious vegan food along with live music will surely make your time at Wabi Sabi a memorable one.


4. Greenr Café, Gurgaon

A vegan café that doubles up as a co-working space, what more can one want? Greenr lets you quite literally balance health and work. Dishes such as the Austin Jackfruit Bowl, Pumpkin Spice Mousse and their gelatos are the main highlights. They even serve smoothies—Psychedelic Purple and Hail Kale are fun vegan smoothies to try at Greenr Café. Their unique concept of a Community Platter, lets you and your friends hog on the clean, delicious, and healthy food, with no guilt whatsoever.

5. Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar, Mumbai

To vegans and vegan-food lovers, the city of dreams offers the Sequel. Founded in 2016, Sequel is a vegan restaurant in Mumbai that has two outlets, in Bandra and Kala Ghoda. This spacious and airy bistro is also the first gluten-free restaurant in Mumbai. Their menu keeps changing according to seasonal vegetables and crops and offers some excellent dishes such as a Power Bowl which contains Peruvian Raw Cacao, carob powder, and Iranian dates, with house-made Coconut Milk. For desserts, you can try the Avo Mousse.

Veganism is a food revolution that’s just starting out. Why not sample this revolution with the above list of authentic vegan places in the country?

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