5 Places Where You Must Try Eggs Kejriwal

There’s no muffling this rising star of egg dishes

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Forbidden passions can sometimes lead to wondrous discoveries. And so it is with Eggs Kejriwal, a dish that was borne out one man’s love for eggs that he couldn’t have in his own house for religious reasons. He invented his own version of masala fried eggs in an exclusive Mumbai club and enjoyed his creation away from his community’s prying eyes and tastebuds.
According to a popular theory, the dish was named after a gentleman known as Mr. Devi Kejriwal who created the dish in Mumbai’s Willingdon Club. The dish consisted of a toasted bread with fried egg on top with a fair bit of melted cheese and chopped green chilies. The dish later became popular among Mr. Devi’s friends and other regulars who helped keep the dish on the menu for a while.
After being re-discovered lately, Eggs Kejriwal has made a splash in many new restaurants in Mumbai. Here are five places serving Eggs Kejriwal that we highly recommend.
Want to grab a portion of this? Below are some of our suggestions –

1.The Bombay Canteen.
It is one recommended dish that you must try. Here they take a brioche bread, toasted to crisp, topped with sunny side up egg and cheese, lastly served along with inhouse mint chutney which is damn good. The restaurant is often credited with re-introducing the dish to Mumbaikars.
2.Jam Jar.
The place is known for some good food and breakfast. This place has their own take on Eggs Kejriwal. It features a crunchy bread with an omelette instead of a sunny side up and chillies as a garnish.
3.Soda Bottle Opener Wala
Who doesn’t love pav, especially in Mumbai? That’s what this restaurant uses to make their version of the Eggs Kejriwal. Buttered pav with sautéed mushrooms along with cheese, chillies and that runny egg.
4.The Nut Cracker
A multi-grain toast with some good creamy mushrooms that are spiced up with chilli flakes and cheese. And let’s not to forget the perfectly fried egg. This place balances everything perfectly—from the spicy mushrooms to the fried egg and cheese.
5.Bar Stock Exchange
The version of the Eggs Kejriwal is quite different from others on this list. It’s a white toast with sautéed mushroom, cheese and poached egg served with a wine sauce. This is a lot different from Eggs Kejriwal but everyone has their own take on it.


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