5 Must-have Tools to Bake Like a Masterchef

Want to bake but don’t know where to begin? Stop right here for the essentials

Priyanka Sharma

You scroll through your newsfeed, and each day, there is a delicious idea waiting to be watched and baked—luscious cakes, soft breads, creamy cheesecakes. First things first, you need the right tools. Masterchef Kirti Bhoutika and Chef Ashima Arora, both started their journey as home bakers, have listed the baking accessories that you should keep handy before you plan to whip up that moist cake.


A whisk is a look-alike of a droplet, wherein there are metal wires that are placed at equal distances from each other. Whisking or whipping is an important process in baking. Whipping leads to the formation of air pockets, which leads to an increase in the volume of the ingredients. It also avoids formation of lumps in the batter, thereby giving it a smooth texture.

Measuring Scale:
Baking is a science, and one must be accurate with their measurements to get the cake of a desired texture. Don’t depend on estimates and guesswork, instead, invest in a good measuring scale or cups—doing so will eventually eliminate the chances of your cake going wrong.


Sifting breaks the lumps; this helps to get an accurate measurement of the ingredients. It also makes the flour lighter. When baking, sift all the dry ingredients so that it becomes easier to mix them.

Silicone Bakeware: 

This is a boon for bakers. Silicone bakeware comes with multiple benefits. No greasing is required, and yet the final product comes off easily. Cleaning such a mould isn’t stressful either as there is a negligible amount of residue sticking to it. Silicone bakeware is durable as they do not corrode, unlike their metallic counterparts.

The cut-and-fold process is another important and highly-used technique. Opt for a sturdy spatula over a flimsy one, to rightly execute this technique. Look for a high-heat tolerance spatula, as we often tend to leave the spatula in the bowl. Oh yes, most importantly, choose a vibrant colour! ;)

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