5 Must-have Dishes from England

Big on comfort and taste, try these five delicious dishes from England for the FIFA World Cup 2018 quarter-finals weekend.

Priya Prakasan

Excitement levels have gone through the roof as football fanatics await the FIFA Football World Cup 2018 quarter-finals this weekend. It is going to be an interesting clash between Sweden and England and we just cannot wait to witness team England team make it to the semi-finals; the last time they reached the semifinals was in 1990. If you are throwing a FIFA Football World Cup 2018 quarter-finals viewing party at your home to support the England national football team, here are some must-have dishes from England that will keep your hunger at bay as you spend your time cheering for the team.

Beef Wellington

It is said that Beef Wellington, a classic English dish, was named so in the memory of Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellignton—he was responsible for the defeat of Napolean Bonaparte at Waterloo. The dish is basically fillet steak of beef coated with pâté de foie gras and minced mushrooms sauted in butter along with some onion, herbs and shallots. It is then wrapped in puff pastry, glazed with an egg wash and baked till it turns a beautiful golden. A classic beef Wellington is usually part of wedding or banquet dinners, but you can definitely try making this for FIFA World Cup post-match dinner.

Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy

Yorkshire pudding is a versatile dish that is usually served with a gravy, as an appetiser course or with beef and gravy as part of the traditional main course Sunday roast. The bread-like pudding was concocted to have a side dish made from the pan-drippings of the roast. It is light and airy and with the gravy, it is also rich and warm at the same time. This simple meal is made with a plain batter of flour, eggs and milk. The gravy has onions as a base. There is also a dedicated day to celebrate this iconic British dish, people celebrate National Yorkshire Pudding Day on the first Sunday in the month of February by indulging in this classic delicacy. So why not try your hand at making this dish for your FIFA themed party?

Fish and Chips

No one can resist the temptation of moist white fried battered fish (cod or haddock) and hot potato chips. It is a filling and comforting quick meal which is best washed down with a pint of stout. Chippys, the fish and chips shops, are sprinkled all across the United Kingdom. Some of these chippys have received cult status for their secret recipes. The hot and fluffy chips are usually thicker than the American-styled fries and can be served with malt vinegar, lemon, tartar sauce or pickled onions as per your preference.

English Breakfast

Who does not like a traditional full English breakfast? The lavishly prepared breakfast platter includes fried bacon, poached or scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, fries with buttered toast, mushrooms, sausages and baked beans. Sometimes it also has black pudding, bubble and squeak (made usually with boiled potatoes and cabbage or shallow-fried leftover vegetables from a roast dinner). As most of the things are fried for this preparation, it is also called a fry-up. Traditionally the English breakfast is served with a cup of tea, people also prefer to switch the tea for a piping hot cup of coffee. It is not eaten every day, mostly reserved for the weekends and what could be better than a leisurely full English breakfast served on a FIFA match special weekend?

Bread Pudding

For those who have a sweet tooth, what could be more exciting than a decadent dessert serving post a meal! Though most of the FIFA game snacks are strictly savoury, you can always bake a good old bread pudding for those who wish to have a dense dessert. British bread pudding is essentially a moist cake, made with stale or leftover bread, milk or cream, eggs and dash or raisins and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. This old-fashion dessert can be served warm or cold as per your liking, sometimes the simplest deserts can bring you a whole lot of joy!


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