5 International Baking Accounts on Instagram to Send You to Dessert Heaven

That’s how the cookie crumbles…Literally!

Annabelle D’Costa

There's plenty of easy-to-find baking inspiration on Instagram, from home bakers with rustic DIY setups to pastry chefs showing off their picturesque treats.

There is more to these Instagram feeds than DSLRs and Photoshop; there is a ton of blood and sweat that goes into making the food look #foodporn-worthy.

Good news: most of these accounts actually share helping you pick up some new skills as you scroll up the Instagram feed.

We've rounded up 5 of our favourite Instagram baking accounts, from high-profile food bloggers to hidden gems. So dig out your pans and aprons, discover your new favourite Instagram accounts!

The Topless Baker 

The 26-year-old baker, Matthew Adlard who first went by the name 'Topless baker' hails from Britain and bakes his mouth-watering recipes, as you guessed it, half-naked.

Yes! You heard it right. Adlard makes videos with just an apron on! This has helped him win a strong social media following with over 629K followers on Instagram. Even Chef Gordon Ramsay follows him on Twitter!

The idea was to make baking more approachable and to come up with simple ways to make recipes that otherwise seem daunting to novice bakers—be it his Chocolate Chip cake recipe or Yule Log recipe.

Stating the obvious, besides making delicious recipes Topless Baker is also making headlines for his undeniably charming looks.

Molly Yeh

This cookbook author, blogger, Food Network star and a new mommy shares tons of cute, yummy dishes that are just right for the home baker to try for themselves.

Her knack of marrying her two heritages, Chinese and Jewish, got her nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for best culinary host for her show
Girl Meets Farm.

Her two heritages have paved way for her to create recipes by using ingredients from the North Dakota farm she moved to with her husband, Yeh's blog has been in action since 2009.

One quick scroll through her feed, and you'll see dozens of photos of Yeh smiling while holding a big pile of schnitzel, noodle kugel, cucumber popsicles, and dozens of colour-filled pictures. Special mention to her cheerful personality and genuine love for food that shines through in every post.

The Minimalist Baker

One bowl, under 30 minutes and with 10 ingredients or less. That's the rule on Dana Schultz’s blog.

Previously a haven for vegans and gluten-free folks, the Portland, Oregon-based foodie’s account has now moved away from their strictly-vegan philosophy and have instead started incorporating animal products.

Schultz, with the help of her business partner husband John have managed in making their Instagram handle amass more than 2 million followers.

The Instagram account features super easy baking recipes—vegan peanut butter and banana shortbread—with most of them being gluten-free (in case that’s a concern for you).  We also love their speedy, simple recipes such as herb-baked fish with rainbow bell peppers and 10-minute chocolate truffle—anyone?


An Instagram account and also a bakery run by Jasmine Cho, go beyond just eye-pleasing treats to double up as a lesson in history.

When she’s not creating intricate, hand-drawn cookies for her clients, she’s busy making cookie portraits that of Awkwafina and Itliong, some of the Asian American heroes, along with sharing some bitter-sweet tales.

One of her cookies also pays tribute to Sammy Lee, the first Asian American man to earn an Olympic gold.

Chetna Makan

One of the most recognisable The Great British Bake Off contestants, Chetna Makan, a semi-finalist on the show’s fifth series has now come a long way since.

She’s since launched a popular cookery channel on YouTube and has three recipe books:
The Cardamom Trail (2016), Chai, Chaat & Chutney (2017), and Chetna’s Healthy Indian (2019).

Makan loves experimenting with her baking recipes on Instagram. From sharing secrets behind her Victoria Sponge Cake to her Cardamom, mango and Coconut Cake, she spares no details and loves keeping it as real as it can get. We heart her rainbow cupcakes. Apart from sweets, her feed also features some of her cultural cuisines.

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