5 Indigenous Food Websites You Need To Check Out

These are the websites to order authentic home-grown food from.

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In John S Allen’s book The Omnivorous Mind, based on food and memory, the Harvard University professor writes, “The taste, smell, and texture of food can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back memories not just of eating food itself but also of place and setting. Food is an effective trigger of deeper memories of feelings and emotions, internal states of the mind and body.” So it’s not a surprise that in spite of sitting in the confines of your home, when you take a sip of tea, you are transported to the plantations of Assam or Darjeeling from your last vacation; or that fiery pickle you just ate reminded you of grandma’s special way of preparing them at home with lots of love. We know that you can’t go back to the tea plantations every but the tea can be home-delivered to you—thanks to the Internet. Here are five websites that will deliver whatever food item is on your mind.

Place of origin website for authentic food

Placeoforigin.in: From Gujarat snacks to Darjeeling`s Green tea, Coorg coffee to Pachranga pickles, Mumbai dry fruits to Ooty chocolate, Kashmiri saffron to Ratnagiri’s mangoes, this website brings you the finest sweets, snacks, dry fruits, namkeen, pickle, jams, tea, coffee and staples from all over India—from the original producer—to your doorstep.

giskaa website for authentic food

Giskaa.com: This e-commerce venture works to bring you eco-friendly and natural lifestyle products, mostly produced in rural parts of the country. Only individuals and organisations, who engage in creating products that define sustainability are taken on board and their products listed on this website. Besides fashion goods like silk saris, water reed bags, and kitchen/home/décor items like bamboo vases, black pottery utensils, wooden cutlery; the scrumptious food section comprises of goodies like organic pickles, smoked meats, exotic jams and marmalades, dry fruits and nuts, organic honey and fruits, grains and cereals. The website works closely with all its artisans and craftsmen on the ground with a mission to deliver a sustainable means of livelihood for them.

blue tokai website for authentic coffee

Bluetokaicoffee.com: Coffee lovers rejoice! The Blue Tokai Coffee team handpicks and brings you the best and freshest single-estate Arabica coffee beans from farms across India, all with the ease of a few clicks on your computer. This Indian specialty coffee is freshly roasted with care, on order, twice a week, shipped the next day and delivered straight to your door. Because they understand that coffee is best when it’s fresh.

tea leaf theory teabox website for authentic tea

Teabox.com and TeaLeafTheory.com: If tea is your poison, then these websites will bring to your daily fix. At Teabox, the tea is sourced from 150 tea growers across India (Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri) and Nepal, and bypasses the complex system of processors, distributors, importers, exporters, auction houses, warehouses, buyers and sellers, thereby bringing the crop to your cup, freshly packed for you. From TeaLeafTheory, you can sample and buy finest organic loose leaf teas that are produced naturally and organically from small tea gardens in the Brahmaputra Valley in Assam, the foothills of the Himalayas in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, the hills of Meghalaya, the high altitude mountains in Nilgiris and the Himalayan tea gardens of Darjeeling and Nepal. Most of these teas are hand-rolled (or use very minimum mechanical process) by the farmers and their families to give a perfect finish unlike other factory-made graded teas.

gourmet food company website for authentic food

The Gourmet Food Company: If you are from East India and miss home-cooked, nutritious food, then this website is your saviour. Offering Bengali, Bihari and Oriya cuisine, the artisanal food available on this website is made in small batches with fresh ingredients minus any added preservatives that are common in packaged products. Also on sale are chocolates, sweet meats and desserts, condiments, chutneys, jams, pickles, etc. Besides this, there are options for gift boxes, corporate gifting, customisation options for vegans and big occasions like weddings and birthdays.


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