5 Gudi Padwa Delicacies You Can Prepare At Home

Celebrate the Maharashtrian New Year with our curated list of recipes


Gudi Padwa, the first big festival of this spring, is almost upon us. To celebrate Maharashtrian new year, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Gudi Padwa dishes. When you think Gudi Padwa dishes, think sweet delicacies like Puran Poli and savoury dishes like Thalipeeth. Best of all, you don’t need to order takeaway to enjoy these traditional Gudi Padwa dishes. Simply recreate them at home using our easy-peasy guide. Once done, don’t forget to wish a very Happy New Year to your near and dear ones by saying Navin Varshachya Hardik Shubhechha or Happy Gudi Padwa!

Puran Poli

Stuffed with lentils and mixed with jaggery inside a roti, this sweet dish called puran poli rules everyone’s heart and Gudi Padwa sweets are incomplete without puran poli. Serve puran poli with amti or dal to relish its flavours this Gudi Padwa.

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Kothimbir Vadi 

Kothimbir Vadi is a perfect fit in the list of Gudi Padwa dishes. Kothimbir Vadi adds flavour to your lavish spread of Gudi Padwa dishes. You can either fry or serve the steamed Kothimbir Vadi with some green chutney on the side.

5 Gudi Padwa Delicacies You Can Prepare At Home


These fried and savoury fluffy balls of delight can be made from different flours to go with your other Gudi Padwa dishes. To spike up the taste of traditional puris, you can add spices, vegetable broth or veggies. Serve hot puris with Batata Harra. This will ensure a complete meal of Gudi Padwa dishes.

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Thalipeeth is a traditional Maharashtrian bread and features in the list of Gudi Padwa dishes. Thalipeeth is made with three to four different flours mixed together along with finely chopped onions and coriander leaves. Along with other Gudi Padwa dishes, the thalipeeth can be served piping hot with a generous dollop of homemade makhan (aka white butter). 

5 Gudi Padwa Delicacies You Can Prepare At Home

Gud Parantha 

Traditionally, an Indian bread is stuffed with jaggery and served with a generous amount of ghee to prepare Gud Parantha or Gud Poli. Among all other Gudi Padwa dishes, gud parantha is typical Maharashtrian dish made by Brahmin families in the state.

5 Gudi Padwa Delicacies You Can Prepare At Home

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