5 Foodie Questions With Michael Clarke

We do a quick rapid-fire to grill the former Australia captain about all things food

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You’ve seen him play his heart out for Australia but what about his food habits? We got Michael Clarke to spill the beans on his favourite food and restaurants along with his love for Indian biryani.

  1. What dishes would you recommend to anyone who visits Australia?
    Clarke: I would suggest trying some of our most traditional Australian creations, such as Fish and Chips, traditional beef meat pie, the meringue-based dessert Pavlova, the Australian cake Lamingtons, Anzac biscuits and Australian hamburger with the lot.
  2. A restaurant where one can have an Australian meal?
    I would recommend trying out Chiswick restaurant in Sydney which serves some of the best seasonal modern Australian meals.

  1. Which are your favourite restaurants that you would recommend? Which are your favourite dishes at these restaurants?
    Clarke: I am a massive foodie and throughout Sydney we have some of the finest restaurants in the world. My three favourites would be Nobu, Rockpool, and The Sheaf. In terms of my favourite dishes, it is hard to choose but to a name a few—at Nobu, one must order the Miso Cod and Salmon Sashimi, Rockpool serves the best steaks I have ever had and The Sheaf serves a good all-round pub meal.
  2. Do you cook?
    Clarke: I cook on certain occasions. I usually cook up a good Aussie barbeque. Generally, it’s my wife who does most of the cooking while I do most of the eating!
  3. Do you like Indian food?
    I love Indian food. Biryani is my all-time favourite dish but I also love other dishes with curries and spice. Also, I can’t say no to naan bread or roti.


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