5 Food Stalls That You Shouldn’t Miss at The Lil Flea

Queue up here when those hunger pangs start calling


Any festival is incomplete without some candy-floss hair flying in the air or the slurping sound of golas. The same goes with The Lil Flea festival where you have a plethora of choices when it comes to good food. Here’s a guided list of stalls that you need to queue up at when you feel hungry after shopping all day.

Dilan’s Delight:

Turkish food goes beyond its hot-sand coffee and Dilan’s Delight will help you explore it. They claim to be pioneers in the Turkish food sector and have designed their menu keeping in mind the Indian palate.

Must-try: Turkish Kunafa, Hummus Sandwich and Cheese, Sausage Cigars and do no to forget the popular Turkish coffee.
Price: INR 100 to 500


Online brand Brewlette delivers exclusive tea flavours at your doorsteps. Along with traditional favourites, it introduces a world of exquisite flavoured teas with exotic fruit teas, rich spice variants, guilt-free dessert blends, herbal infusions and flower scented teas. In all, Brewlette has 18 flavours to select from.

Must-try: Either sip on the diverse flavours of iced tea or buy their popular Tea Test Tube Chest or Explorer's Collection

Price: INR 150 to 1000 for Teas + Tea Accessories + Gift Sets


Whistlesnacks is all set to make your snack-time healthy with different flavours of makhanas or lotus seeds. They have made snacking extremely easy for health-conscious people by packaging snacks in less than 100 calorie packs.

Must-try: Flavoured makhanas (popular flavours: cheesy, lime ‘n’ chilly, sunshine and peppery) and Breakfast Cereals
Price: Between INR 35 to 40 for the small packet and INR 85 to 95 for the larger pack

Brgr HQ

Brgr HQ is a blessing in disguise for every vegetarian who was looking for juicy, delicious and gourmet vegetarian burgers. They serve exciting, gourmet combos between the buns that can give tough competition to any meaty burger. For you to not stop after burger, Brgr HQ has designed slider-sized portions of the burgers.

Must-try: The Beat Down is their signature burger but The Hulk and Asian Corncoction are must-try!
Price: INR 150 for slider-sized burgers

Where’s My Cone?

Where’s My Cone? is a manufacturer of ice creams. Apart from producing some amazing flavour combinations, they also offer ice cream sandwiches, served between two freshly-baked cookies.

Must-try: Peanut Jam Shortcake and Rose-butter Almond ice cream.
Price: INR 80 for a scoop and INR 150 for an ice cream sandwich.

Image courtesy: Dilan's Delight, Brgr HQ, Where's my cone?, Brewlette and Whistlesnacks
Creative by Vartika Pahuja


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