5 Food Items That Have Been Approved By Baby Taimur

Foods Approved By Baby Taimur Will Be The Next Diet Fad

Priyanko Sarkar

Recently, papa Saif Ali Khan said he’s open to endorsing products with Baby Taimur. Now if we were talking about Misha, Zack or even Cuz Inaaya, we’d have moved on to the next yawn-inducing (paid!?) celeb story. But we were arrested by the thought of Baby Taimur endorsing some of the next generation’s food products and wondered what that might look like. On a side note, is Baby Taimur after the earthquake-inducing demonetization move going to be labelled as Gen D now? Regardless, here are five products that we’re sure Baby Taimur will soon sell through his rose-tinted cheeks. 

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No brainer, right? Papa Saif has been endorsing this one for such a long time that even the ancient millennials remember this one. When this offer lands on Taimur’s lap, we’re pretty sure he’ll lay both his hands and grab this one. Audiences, of course, will spoon over the sound of crackling chips against Taimur’s rose-coloured cheeks. Somewhere, a black hole will open and swallow all of Earth’s self-pride when Taimur collects his first paycheque. 

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Rasna Masala Orange

What’s that you say? Wait till mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan begins promoting the new drink. “I am proud to associate with Rasna as they are giving India a chatpata orange drink that all of us love,” the actress said in a statement. Now, wait some more for Baby Taimur to promote it till the media tires of the charade and begins scooping his personal life for extra masala. If what they’re doing now isn’t much that is. 

Give your Rasna Masala Orange drink a quick upgrade with this recipe:
5 Food Items That Have Been Approved By Baby Taimur

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Rose-tinted Candies 

To make his own mark, Baby Taimur will have to drop the baby and grow up with an identity of his own. One that is inevitably linked with his rose-coloured cheeks that everyone apparently loves to pull. Which will lead to brands scampering to develop rose-flavoured candies that will appeal to Taimurers, as his legion of fans will come to be called. Once he develops enough pizzazz to sell these candies, only then can he lay claim to the Pataudi crown that seems too cruel to put on his cute head. After all, as Shakespeare said, heavy is the head that that wears the crown.  

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Size-Zero Food 

Just to remind audiences of mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan because, in her own words, she is her own favourite, Taimur will suddenly embark on a grand journey of food that will re-discover the (in)famous Size Zero Diet that was the talk of the town last century. Kareena’s heart will swell with pride (because no other part of the body can swell with this diet) at images of Taimur jumping on Juhu beach with neon clothes that will blind unsuspecting motorists. 

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Swiss chocolates

Now this one is a sweet surprise. Or is it? His parents love the Swiss chalet town of St Moritz so much that we’re sure the Swiss government is actively considering honouring Saifeena with the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Most Predictable Swiss Holiday Taken. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if Baby Taimur has been gorging on Swiss chocolates and is addicted to them back home in India. It’d make sense for him to promote Swiss chocolates to his own generation in the hopes that his own house is filled with an unlimited supply of them! Who said Gen D had to be Dumb? 

Here's how you can give your Swiss chocolate a yummy makeover in just a few minutes:
5 Food Items That Have Been Approved By Baby Taimur

Image conceptualised by Vartika Pahuja


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