5 Fitness Apps to Help You Download Your Way to Health

Equip your smartphone with a fitness app for a smart way to stay healthy

Signing up for a gym membership has its downsides – what with the exorbitant fees and having to show up. Save yourself the guilt – and the money – by opting for a digital workout assistant instead!

Your smartphone can do more than just give your thumbs a workout. All you need is to know where the right health apps are at, to keep you motivated to score those fitness goals. If the multitude of fitness apps has you overwhelmed, here’s a list of the best health and fitness apps (in no particular order) to keep you at your healthiest and fittest.

1 Minute Desk Workout

Offering exactly what it says, this app helps undo the damage of a sedentary office lifestyle. Turn your work desk into a makeshift gym for a minute every day. This app will send you reminders at regular intervals to ensure that you take a minute to loosen up a little. With over 45 types of exercises to pick from, this app makes working and working out one and the same thing.
Where: Available for free on App Store with in-app purchases; Android users can try the 100 Office Workouts App which also includes 60-second exercise circuits
Rating: 1 Minute Desk Workout: 4  | 100 Office Workouts: 4.7

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Boasting a database of over six million foods – from Indian to global – this app helps you keep an accurate log of everything you eat. Apart from tracking your calorie count and weight, it also helps you log fitness-related tasks such as cardio and strength exercises. With this app, you can compile all your healthy recipes in one place and set fitness goals for yourself depending on whether you’d like to lose or gain weight.
Where: Available for free on Google Play Store and App Store
Rating: 4.6 

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Whatever your concept of a workout may be – running, cycling, yoga or even meditation – this app plays your personal fitness instructor. It offers thousands of workouts created and guided by real fitness trainers. The app allows you to pick a class based on your preference along with selecting a program, intensity and music. Pop in your earphones and let your very own personal trainer talk you through your workout, synced to an upbeat playlist to keep you going. No matter what your fitness goals, this in-ear fitness trainer offers you just about everything you need to achieve them.
Where: Available for free on Google Play Store and App Store with in-app purchases for unlimited on-demand classes
Rating: 3.6


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This one-tap-app helps you manage and prioritise your health goals. Its customised diet plans count your calories and macronutrients and help you plan a diet chart. It keeps a check on your overall health by tracking your daily water intake, steps and workouts. The app also connects you to certified health coaches, nutritionists, personal fitness trainers and yoga instructors, thanks to Manipal Hospitals and Medanta, the app’s healthcare and corporate partners.
Available for free on Google Play Store and App Store with in-app purchases
Rating: 4.6

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Daily Yoga

From beginner to advanced levels, this yoga Bible offers classes for everyone and connects you to trained yogis. Choose from over 500 asanas, 200 guided yoga classes, Pilates, meditation and more than 50 workout plans. All of these come with step-by-step instructions, varying intensity options and optional scheduled plans to help you stay on track on the go.
Available for free on Google Play Store and App Store with in-app purchases 
Rating: 4.4

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Note: These apps have been selected based on their ratings 

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