5 Dishes Every Delhi Capitals Fan Must Try

As a fan of Delhi Capitals these Delhi foods have to be on your bucket list.

Sayoni Bhaduri

They started out at Delhi Devils in the Indian Premier League franchise in 2008, under the ownership of GMR Group. But in 2018, with JSW Group acquiring 50% stake in the team, a new avatar evolved—Delhi Capitals. Over the decade, the Delhi Capitals performance may have been shaky, but the team representing the nation’s capitals always had hope and faith on its side.

For IPL 2019, they have Australian Ricky Ponting coaching the Delhi Capitals team, with Mohammed Kaif assisting Ponting. James Hopes and Samuel Bardee are ensuring the Delhi Capitals bowlers are in top condition. The current team is being led by young Shreyas Iyer with the likes of Shikhar Dhawan, Sherfane Rutherford, Amit Misra and Bandaru Ayyappa building the team amongst others. A stellar performance from Rishabh Pant is tiding them through IPL 2019.

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With the historic Feroz Shah Kotla Ground has their home pitch, it is obvious that national capital region has a lot to offer Delhi Capitals and their loyal fans. Food included. If the Delhi Capitals team has you smitten with their performance, then you must celebrate with these epic, but not-so-spoken-about dishes from Delhi.

Nalli Nihari

The breakfast specialty at the tiny Karim’s near Jama Masjid is what legends are made of. So much so, people travel from all over the world to try out the 9:00 am Nalli Nihari of Karim’s. Cooked overnight that the meat literally falls off the bone, the soup-like mutton dish is rich in nutrients and laden with ghee—fuel for a long day’s labour—for most now it is delicacy one needs to prepare the stomach for. To make the most of spice-rich Nalli Nihari, you will get a khamiri roti—a clay oven baked bread made using yeast.

Cycle Chole Kulche

For those who have grown up or spent a fair amount of time in the capital city, you must have come across a solo bicycle-rider. There may not be anything extraordinary about a man on a bicycle, but this particular one with a big circular brass pot, standing perpendicular with a small pump stove, on the carrier and a big aluminium tin hanging on the handle, is a quaint remnant of an era bygone. In the big brass pot he has the most flavoursome chana masala—dark and dry—that he spruces up with a dash of lime and chaat masala. The aluminium tin contains the most incredible bread-like fluffy kulcha that the bicycle vendor would heat on the edges of the brass pot and serve on a paper plate. Keep an eye out for the bicycle man and his brass pot, you’re in for a treat.
In the meanwhile, here is Chef Ajay Chopra’s Chole Kulche recipe.
5 Dishes Every Delhi Capitals Fan Must Try

Mathur’s Chicken Chaat

Served only at United Coffee House in Connaught Place, Mathur’s Chicken Chaat is named after head chef of the establishment that has an equally glorious history. The chaat in question is reminiscent to bhel puri but instead of bhel, it small pieces of boiled chicken slathered with the sweet-spicy-tangy sauce and a flourish of desi garnish.
Entering UCH is to go back to the annals of history, with its liveried service staff, tiered pastry stands and tea pots. What used to be a rendezvous point for the elites of Delhi, today is the custodian of a time when service was personal and eating out was a grand occasion.

Habshi Halwa

Yet another dish, hidden under the many layers of Jama Masjid—Habshi Halwa. The halwa is made with malted wheat, ghee and sugar and is known to give strength to one’s body. It is cooked for nine-hours and the amount of sugar and ghee used acts as a preservative increasing its shelf life. Although, it will never stay on the shelf for too long, such is its popularity amongst those in the know. The Habshi refers to the dark countenance of the gooey dessert; it a colloquial term in Urdu for dark-skinned. Habshi is also used for folks who’s gluttony knows no bounds and borders monstrous proportions.

Daulat ki Chaat

A winter delicacy, the methodology of Daulat ki Chaat is a closely guarded family heirloom. Making this dessert is also an ardous process, which involves waking up before the sun rises and continuous churning of a milk and cream mixture, in the freezing cold. Fresh milk from the evening before is mixed with fresh cream, boiled and then left to cool till the wee hours of the morning. It is said the morning dew adds the cloud-like lightness to Daulat ki Chaat. Before serving it garnished with sugar, dry fruits and silver varq.
We understand that waiting for winter to try Daulat ki Chaat is a lot to ask, so we have a recipe straight from Chef Ajay Chopra’s kitchen.
5 Dishes Every Delhi Capitals Fan Must Try

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