Don the chef’s hat and whip up some chocolate recipes at home

It’s World Chocolate Day, but really, who needs an excuse for chocolate! Here are five quick and easy recipes you can whip up.

Nutty Chocolate Mousse

If every bite of chocolate also comes laced with guilt, here’s a recipe that ups the health quotient with ingredients like chia seeds and medjool.


Dark Chocolate Fondue

Give a break to the classic cheese fondue, and try this dark chocolate fondue. Tastes best when served with cakes, cookies, fresh fruits or marshmallows.


Chocolate Barfi

Why should we not have fun with Indian sweets! This chocolate barfi comes with a guarantee to be a hit with your family and friends.


Chocolate Cashew Smoothie

Looking for a quick chocolate drink? Make this power-packed Chocolate Cashew smoothie with almonds and cashew nuts. Complete it with fresh cream on top.


Chocolate Fudge

Celebration of chocolate day is incomplete without a spoonful of gooey and rich chocolate fudge. Learn to make it from Chef Gurdip Punjj herself.


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