5 Books On Sugar Everyone Must Read

Serious about cutting sugar? These books will put you on the right track


Looking for ways to keep up the momentum to beat the sugar habit? LF puts together this impactful list of 5 books that will help you stay on track in your quest for a sugar-free lifestyle. If you're serious about reducing sugar from your daily diet, these are the five books on sugar that you need to read right away.

1. Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin

pure white deadly john yudkin

John Yudkin’s book on the ill effects of sugar is terrifying for the simple reason that he called the sugar industry’s bluff way back in 1972. Predictably, the food industry ignored him. His work as a scientist, before his book Pure, White and Deadly, got a new lease of life after being brought up-to-date by obesity expert Dr Robert Lustig. The book has just one aim and it succeeds in conveying it to the reader – refined sugar is poison. Once you read this, you will be staying away from sugar for a long, long time.

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2. The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes

the case against sugar book gary taubes

The name says it all. Making a case against sugar, Gary Taubes' book takes aim at the health hazards of sugar. Its cover boldly declares that sugar is the new tobacco that is ruining lives because it is backed by a powerful lobby. The fast-paced rise of diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, hypertension and other lifestyle diseases can be traced back to one ingredient – sugar. Using simple science and straight talk, Taubes makes readers aware of the impending doom our generation is facing thanks to our addiction to sugar.

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3. Sugar Nation by Jeff O' Connell

sugar nation jeff o'connell

Sugar Nation will strike you in the gut with its impactful research and convincing arguments that all boil down to one thing – sugar is bad for you. Author Jeff O’Connell’s story against sugar is also personal so when he offers practical advice on cutting down sugar you know it’s been done before. After all, nothing impacts us more than someone’s story of having gone through the trouble to tell us their story of victory, especially one that talks about his own health journey.

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4. Sweet Poison by David Gillespie

sweet poison david gillespie

David Gillespie’s book Sweet Poison not only tells you why sugar is bad for you but also supplements all that information with practical insight. The book is loaded with tips on how to avoid processed sugar from entering your diet while continuing to enjoy your daily meals. Gillespie himself managed to cut fructose – or processed sugar – out of his life and noticed how soon it helped him lose weight and increased his metabolism.

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5. That Sugar Book by Damon Gameau

that sugar book damon gameau

This Jamie Oliver-recommended book is written by Australian actor Damon Gameau and was released along with That Sugar Film. Gameau’s writing is funny, clear and helpful and tells you exactly how sugar affects your body. Moreover, the illustrations, graphs and other figures condense all the information into easily digestible pockets with one terrifying conclusion – sugar is omnipresent in our food. It is up to us to select the best sugar-free food as we can. Prepare to be entertained and informed at the same time.


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