5 Apps to Help You become the Wander Woman You Always Wanted to Be

Chase your solo travel goals, one app at a time.

Annabelle D’Costa

Girls, if you are still contemplating whether to take the plunge and travel solo at least once, do it now. The benefits of travelling solo are many. Women who choose to travel on their own aren’t loners, but they are confident explorers, who want to discover the world on their own terms. According to reports, 2020 is expected to be the year of women-only tours, and solo travel ranks high in the list—2019 Google Trends report marked a 131% rise in interest.

As a matter of fact ‘female solo-traveller’ has become a niche that a lot of travel and tech service providers want to tap into. Whether an accidental solo traveller or a planned traveller, with the plethora of options now available online to ease your travel woes, it's easy for one to get overwhelmed, which is why we’ve shortlisted the best five apps to keep you company on the go:


Tourlina, your travel pal

For solo female travellers, travel app Tourlina comes as a highly recommended app that connects you to fellow women travellers. Tourlina lets you sign up via your Facebook account and access to the app is only after verification, thereby assuring safety. You can then look for matches by adding the locations of your upcoming trips. After you’ve fed in your travel details, the system searches for compatible travelling partners. Giving you Tinder-like feels, you can then swipe left or right, looking for the perfect match. Once you match, this travel app lets you chat and even plan your trip together.
Available for free on Android and iOS.

myPill, your contraception partner

If pregnancy is off the table for you, myPill is just what you need, especially on a vacay. This app is designed to remind you to take your birth control pills. You can also make notes, track your period, and mark the days when you’ve had sexual intercourse. The app sends timely notifications when its times to buy a new pack. What’s best, this app works even when offline and in case you’re using the skin patch and/or the vaginal (birth canal) ring method of birth control.
Available on Android and iOS.

Shake2Safety, your safety assurer

Take control of your safety with the much-recommended travel app Shake2Safety. This travel app allows users to send an SOS text or call to the pre-registered number/s in case of an emergency. With the added benefit of working even without an internet connection or when your screen’s locked, where the app sends a distress message to your emergency contact with a link to your current location. Once you’ve selected who you'd like to set as your emergency contact, you'll need to choose whether you want a call, message, or both. To activate the app, all you need to do is shake your smartphone or press the power button four times in case of an accident, harassment, robbery or other incidents. Make sure you’ve set the sensitivity level, the scale going from 5 to 100, with 100 being the least sensitive to shakes.
Available on Android and iOS.

Flush, your pee buddy

Nothing is worse than urgently needing a bathroom and not being able to find one. While on a road trip, when travelling to an unfamiliar city or when you just can’t ‘hold it’, download Flush, an app recommended for women travellers. Flush, when used as a travel app, can help locate the nearest toilets/restrooms anywhere around the world along with directions to help you get there. The app also works even without an internet connection. 

Available for free on Android and a similar app is available on iOS.

Free WiFi Cafe Spots, to help you stay always online

Nothing’s scarier than realising that you’ve exhausted your data and your phone’s as good as a brick without an internet connection. Enter, Free WiFi Cafe Spots, a handy travel app. This travel-friendly app lists around one lakh cafes and restaurants near your GPS location with free WiFi. What’s even better is that the app lets you store the locations of these cafes and restaurants on your phone, so that you can find them even offline.
Available for free on Android and iOS.

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