We got restaurants to reveal their special Thandai recipes that you can easily make at home this Holi

In the era of molecular gastronomy and fusion food, even the refreshing Thandai recipe hasn’t been spared. This Holi, you could shake up the Thandai recipe that has been passed on through generations. Or if you're planning to experiment with your Holi special drink, you could take notes from these restaurants in Mumbai and Delhi. They experimented with the traditional Thandai recipe and further enhanced their Holi special drinks to add more joy to the festival of colours.

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1. Vegan Almond Shake


Homemade almond milk- 100 ml
Fresh beetroot juice- 50 ml
Vanilla syrup- 20 ml
Dry rose petal- 3 g
Ice- 60 g


  • Pour homemade almond milk into the blender.
  • Add fresh beetroot juice, vanilla syrup, dry rose petals and ice cubes into the same blender.
  • Blend the ingredients for 5 minutes. Say goodbye to your usual Thandai recipe because this will soon be your new favourite Holi special drink.
  • Transfer the drink into a glass and garnish it with some dry rose petals. This vegan version of the Holi special drink is best served chilled.

Available at: The Pantry, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

2. Bollywood Bhaang


Mascarpone cheese- 2 bar spoon
Milk- 150ml
Basil leaves- 10-12
Thandai mix- 50 ml
Water- 100 ml


  • Soak fresh basil leaves in a bowl of water and keep it aside.
  • Pour Thandai mix into a blender. Add milk and Mascarpone cheese. This recipe gives the usual Thandai recipe a modern twist.
  • Blend all the ingredients together along with 60ml of basil flavoured water.
  • Take some ice cubes in a tall glass. Sprinkle dry ginger powder over the blended mixture and serve the Holi special drink chilled.

Available at: Masala Bar, Bandra, Mumbai

Bollywood Bhaag
Image courtesy: Masala Bar
3. Tender Coconut Thandai


Thandai powder- 500 ml
Whole coconut milk- 4½ cup (1.5 litres)
Jaggery - ¼ cup (85 g)
Dry ginger powder - to taste
Coconut malai- 1½ cup
Saffron- a few strands
Water- ¼ cup


  • Dissolve jaggery in hot water and strain it to remove impurities.
  • Finely chop the coconut malai and keep it aside. This recipe is sure to give your usual Thandai recipe a run for its money.
  • In a bowl, mix coconut milk with Thandai powder. Add jaggery water and dry ginger powder to it. Stir it well to get rid of any lumps and achieve a smooth consistency.
  • Add the chopped coconut malai to the mixture and refrigerate it.
  • Always serve this Holi special drink chilled and remember to garnish it with saffron strands before serving.

Available at: Banjara Poolside, Goldfinch Hotel, Faridabad

Vegan Smoothie
Image courtesy: The Pantry
4. Thandai Kulfi Falooda


For Kulfi

Thandai mix- 500 ml
Full fat milk- 4 ½ cup (1.5 litres)
Sugar- ¼ cup (85 g)

For Falooda

Soaked basil seeds- 20 g
Boiled falooda vermicelli- 20 g
Vanilla ice cream- 1 scoop (80 g)
Fresh seasonal cut fruits- 100 g
Fruit jelly- 30 g
Dry fruits (almonds, raisin, pistachio and dates)- 3 g each
Rose syrup- 10 ml
Saffron- as required


  • Why limit your Thandai recipe just to a drink when you can turn it into dessert?
  • To prepare Thandai kulfi, pour milk (room temperature) into a jug. Add sugar and Thandai powder to it. Stir it well to avoid the formation of any lumps.
  • Pour half the quantity of this mixture from the jug into the popsicle mould. Keep the mould in the freezer to set.
  • Keep stirring the popsicle at regular intervals with a popsicle stick or stirrer. This is to ensure that no ice crystals are formed.
  • To make the Falooda, add a spoon of soaked basil seeds and boiled falooda vermicelli into a tall glass.
  • Add rose syrup, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, fresh seasonal cut fruits and fruit jelly.
  • Take the moulds out of the freezer and remove the thandai kulfi from the mould. Place it on top of the concoction in the tall glass.
  • Top it off with the remaining Thandai from the jug.
  • Garnish the falooda with dry fruits and strands of saffron.

Available at: Banjara Poolside, Goldfinch Hotel, Faridabad


Want some more innovative Thandai recipe? You’re in luck! Living Foodz chefs have created two Holi special drink Thandai recipe just for you. Try Thandai Mousse and Rose Mango Thandai and we are sure it will tantalise your taste buds. Here’s wishing you a Happy Holi!

Recipe courtesy: M.Balasundaram, Corporate executive chef, MRG Hospitality & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. and Chef Saurabh Modi, Sr. Sous Chef, MasalaBar.

Image: Shutterstock

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