4 High-tech Gadgets to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

At CES 2020, these gadgets for our furry friends had our heart

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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas has gone to the dogs... literally. Alongside all the AI-powered, robotic and 5G-connected products and devices on display to better the lives of humans, a series of companies came to the conference to show off the tech they made specifically for dogs, cats, and other furry friends.

Go Dogo training system

Go Dogo is a "mental simulation" system for dogs that serves to train them while no one's home. The main component of the system is a treat-dispensing computer that can send a video to your television of an instructor asking your pet to perform various tasks. Correctly completed tasks are rewarded with positive feedback from the instructor and a treat. The better your pooch is at doing tricks, the more challenging the requests become. Data about your pup's progress can be viewed from your smartphone.

Thus far, Go Dogo can be pre-ordered in the form of an Indiegogo campaign. If the company reaches its funding goal, the system is expected to begin shipping in December of this year. 

Wayzn smart door opener

Image courtesy: Wayzn
Wayzn used CES to demonstrate its smart, connected door opener for pets, a tech-filled device that can be fashioned to the base of a sliding door to open and close it. This tech offers pets (and their owners) three ways to open a door without a human hand: with motion sensors, IoT technology or the Wayzn mobile app.

Interested customers can reserve the Wayzn smart door opener now with a $50 deposit. Orders are scheduled to be fulfilled three months after the deposit is made.

iKuddle smart litter box

Image courtesy: iKuddle
iKuddle is a smart litter box that is not only self-cleaning and self-deodorizing, but is also app-controlled and can track health data about your cat. The box essentially scoops waste into a bag which you can dispose of at a time convenient for you, probably after about a week of use, and an integrated filter keeps the air in and around the device fresh. Finally, the box tracks how many times your cat uses it -- to ensure the feline "is in good shape" -- which can be viewed on the mobile app.

iKuddle is fulfilling its crowdfunding campaign and is expected to retail for $399 when it launches later this year.

CarePod carrier

For whichever of your furry friends you're putting on an airplane, there exists the CarePod, a pet carrier that sends information to you via text or email about its condition. Owners will get automatic updates about their pet's journey and will be notified of any critical situations. In 2018, Delta Airlines partnered with the company to help customers ship their animals with more confidence.

Information about pricing is currently unavailable to the public.

Featured image: Courtesy of Go Dogo


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