21 Questions with 21 Year Old Instagram Sensation Shivesh Bhatia

21 year old Insta-approved baker Shivesh Bhatia is rolling in the dough.

Vinita Makhija

When you google Shivesh Bhatia you see a young, barely out-of-school bespectacled boy and you think can he really whip it? (Sorry!)

 Then his blog images start showing up. Perfectly pretty meringues atop a white Vanilla Poppy cake, a smoothie bowl so nicely done I’d go hungry before deciding to submerge the edible flowers (which by the way he grows at home) and a Cherry Puff Pastry so decadently dangerous that it could find a place in Kylie Jenner’s over the top Halloween table. All she needs to do is find his Instagram account. Hey! Anything is possible on Instagram, just ask Bhatia himself who was noticed on the platform by none other than the kitchen queen herself Martha Stewart. So, err a little away from Jenner but he’s getting there.

A young food stylist, legit Instagram sensation at 99k –and-growing followers and a Delhi resident, Bhatia’s social media game is strong. Recently, also a winner at LEGFA 2018 for the ‘Best Instagrammer’ category, Bhatia knows this win was a personal big one for him - “The fact that Living Foodz has this category in itself is a step ahead than the rest. It’s really great that they acknowledge the impact of social media in the food space. The fact that I won the online voting contest and they chose me among such seasoned bloggers has me excited and humbled. I never thought this could happen to me.”

It’s not surprising because he studied Political Science at Delhi University, but one very unfortunate incident with burnt cupcakes made him become the perfectionist and cupcake expert that he is today. 

In his third and final year of college when everyone was deciding what they would do, and confused between all the numerous choices he had, it hit him– nothing would give him greater happiness than blogging and sharing his journey with others. The fact that he didn’t have a formal, fully functional blog or his numbers weren’t as high as they are today didn’t bother him. It was his single-minded passion to first bake, and then honestly share that made this a point of no-return for him. A sweet story indeed! So, he decided to train under pastry queens Pooja Dhingra of Le15 and Chef Sanjana of La Folie in Mumbai.

All that study of political systems wasn’t for waste though; he knows how to sweet talk his chocolate sauces to drip perfectly on the cake for that money shot. International relations? He votes for local fruits over new sneakers when he travels and as for the hater and trolls, he has a no-reply policy.

 We played 21 questions with him to help you up your game. Learn and repeat.


1. Your favourite Instagram account?


2. First thing you ever baked?

Chocolate Cupcakes.

3. A thing you haven't mastered yet?



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4. A secret tip to make your pictures look better?

Lots of patience.

5. Favourite apps to make those deserts look scrumptious?

Lightroom and VSCO Cam.

6. Perfect to bake for a date?


7. Creepiest DMs you've ever received?

Marriage proposals are super creepy.

8. …and the nicest?

Lots of them. I am so touched when someone tells me that I inspire them. I am so grateful for that.


9. How often do your dishes taste as good as they look :D and can you show a picture for a time when it didn't?

I don't take pictures if it doesn't taste as good as it looks

10. Advice for young professionals to succeed online as well as offline?

Be dedicated and don't expect instant gratification. 

11. Does your Instagram game really up your game as far as professional chances go?

Yes, once there’s visibility job opportunities will come your way based on your portfolio. It leads to a lot of paid opportunities.

12. An inside secret of bakers?

We don't eat as much as we bake.

13. An advice you received that changed your life?

Anyone else's success does not affect your growth.

14. A movie that you can relate to?

100 Foot Journey.

15. Your guilty pleasure?



16. A dish you could bake with your eyes closed?

Chocolate cake.

17. White bread or brown?


18. Cake or cookies?


19. Being famous on Instagram is like...

It's been life-changing for me.

20.  Favourite place for dessert?

LE15 Mumbai, the best desserts and best memories from my internship days.

21. 3 solid tips to upcoming food bloggers?

1. Understand food. For instance, pancakes always look better stacked and pies always shoot best from top angles.
2. Fresh ingredients really bring out the texture and colours in photographs.
3. Natural light, Natural Light, Natural Light- that means shoot when the sun is out.


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