20 Easy and Impressive Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

Sweet, savoury and everything in between

Annabelle D’Costa

The insanity of our current moment is no excuse not to celebrate the woman who raised you or the many motherly figures in your life -- but the social distancing and quarantining do make it more challenging to celebrate.

Usually treat mom to one of those Mother’s Day special menus? Good news: that option isn’t off the table. This Mother’s Day brunch celebration can be just as pleasant at home – if the menu is on point. Luckily, we’ve done some digging and found you recipes that show your mom just how much you care. All you need to do is mix some mimosas, set the table, and decide which brunch recipe deserves a spot on your at-home brunch menu — we won't judge if you decide it's more than one... or five.

1. Bunny Chow

Skip the annual Mother’s Day cake and shake things up this year with this Bunny Chow that’s loaded with savoury goodness.  
20 Easy and Impressive Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

2. Eggs Kejriwal

For the egg-loving mamma, this amazing egg recipe makes for the most fool-proof brunch that's built on the basis of two main ingredients, eggs and bread. Give it a try



3. Mini Frittatas

Nothing says a fancy at-home brunch than these mini versions of the Italian frittata that make for delicious Mother’s Day special movie treats. Head here.

4. Lebanese Panini

These paninis certainly look impressive, but they're actually surprisingly easy to make. Simply sandwich the ingredients (and honestly, anything else you'd like to toss in them) and you’re good to go.
20 Easy and Impressive Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

5. Apple Pancakes

These cheesecake-like pancakes taste just as sweet as they look. Pro tip: you can also use the leftover pancake batter to make crepes or waffles for dinner. Try it out here.

6. Spanish Frittata with Green Chutney

The best part about this loaded egg dish (besides being downright delicious, of course)? You can make it in one skillet!
20 Easy and Impressive Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

7. Oatmeal Granola

If your mom used to wake you up every morning with a steaming bowl of oatmeal, chef Rishim Sachdeva’s this flavourful (read healthy) baked version is sure to play on the nostalgia factor at brunch. Go the extra mile by including her favourite fruits in the mix. Learn here.

8. Rabdi French Toast

You might have to make a few batches of these rabdi-soaked French toasts as they're bound to fly out of the brunch table. Try it out



9. Coconut Waffles

Wheat flour and coconut milk add an irresistibly healthy touch and sweetness to these make-ahead waffles. These are just one ice cream scoop short of being dessert for brunch.
20 Easy and Impressive Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

10. Chapati Tacos with Kheema

Whip up this brunch treat with dependable staples right from your kitchen: leftover chapatis, powdered masalas, onions, tomatoes and chicken or any meat of mom’s choice. The best part is you can fill these crispy tacos with anything you want. 

Check it out here

11. Cheese and Chives Soufflé

This bake is packed full of protein that Mom will appreciate and creamy, cheesy goodness that she’ll devour with glee.
20 Easy and Impressive Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

12. Stuffed Whole Wheat Crepes

Grab your beret and fire up your crepe pan to prepare a very special and of course healthy meal just for mom. This version calls for a stuffing of broccoli and baby potatoes, but you can get as creative as you’d like. Eat them for breakfast, brunch, or dinner, you decide.
20 Easy and Impressive Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

13. French Toast Crème Brûlée

It’s a special occasion, so you’re definitely allowed to have dessert for breakfast. Calling for only 30 minutes, this French toast version by Chef Rishim Sachdeva is soon to become mom’s new brunch fave.

Head here to give the recipe a try

14. Beetroot Coconut Yoghurt Bowl

Serve your mom a cool, comforting hug in the form of this colourful and healthy yoghurt bowl – exactly what she’d want to wake up to on a lazy Sunday morning. Customise with mom's favourite fruits and toppings.
20 Easy and Impressive Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

15. Green Peas and Potato Pancake

Instead of making the usual sweet pancakes, try chef Ranveer Brar’s this savoury version topped with a creamy, homemade hollandaise sauce. Even when paired with plain ol’ tomato ketchup, these pancakes still make for an insanely addictive treat that mom will likely request every year. Learn



16. Eggless Cornflake French Toast

Upgrade your mom’s classic childhood treat with this French toast version: Bread slices soaked in banana batter. What a way to start your day!
20 Easy and Impressive Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

17. Pizza Bowl

Can't whisk Mom away to her fave pizza place on her special day? Chef Pankaj Bhadouria’s pizza bowl is (just about) the next best thing! Don’t shy away from improvising and stuffing your bowl with whatever-you-can-find toppings.

Learn here to make a Pizza Bowl

18. Breakfast Burritos

You can make these burritos ahead of time, pop them in the freezer, and heat them up right before serving—they still taste delicious.

Click here to learn how to make Breakfast Burritos at home.

19. Baked Egg Boats

Deliver a picture-perfect breakfast in bed to your mom with these baked buns that come stuffed with cheesy eggs. While chef Pankaj Bhadouria’s recipe calls for hot dog buns, you could totally cheat using burger or regular buns.
20 Easy and Impressive Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

20. Brown Rice Pudding

Don't worry about spending all day in the kitchen making this ooey-gooey pudding. It only takes 45 minutes to in all. Not to forget, it’s also yummy, healthy, and wholesome – a treat that both you and mom can enjoy without any guilt.

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