11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul

Move over water and make way for these ultimate summer drinks

Annabelle D’Costa

Summer is here and the need to keep hydrating has reached a peak! However, there’s no need to limit yourself to simple cold coffee or everyday iced tea. Here’s your summer drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) guide to help you cool off:

Summer Beat

This drink is the best way to use up cut watermelons. Made with only a few ingredients, with vodka being our fave, think of this as an adult’s version of a summer drink. Prepare and refrigerate ahead of time or enjoy a fresh batch of this drink that only takes a few minutes to get ready.
11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul

Watermelon Cherry Caipiroska

Savour the dog days of summer with this watermelon, cherry and vodka drink. Made with real fruits and no added sugar, get a taste (or sip, in this case) of summer without having to fear about your bikini body.
11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul

Kiwi Mush Mojito

While mojitos taste amazing on their own, adding kiwis not only helps add a summery yet cooling twist to your drink. As refreshing as it will look, this Kiwi Mush Mojito made with rum is sure to uplift your spirit on a warm day. Add some white rum to make it an adult treat, or leave out the booze for a fun, refreshing one.
11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul

Litchi Fantasy

Not your typical thirst-quencher on a hot summer day, this mocktail recipe is yet a keeper. Apart from fresh litchi juice, the drink is enriched with the goodness of lemon, pineapple and a dash of fresh cream this mocktail tastes like a beach vacation. Alternatively, you can also pour the mocktail into ice cream pop molds and freeze to enjoy litchi lollies.
11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul

Summer Ultimate

This watermelon and vanilla ice cream shake could actually help bring all the boys to the yard. A hybrid between a drink and a dessert, this ultimate drink that is guaranteed to make even the fussiest kid drink up their glass of milk!
11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul

Tofu Watermelon Tango

The sweetness of watermelon combines well with the silkiness of tofu to bless you with one of summer’s best offerings. Quick and easy to whip up on a hot summer day, this smoothie makes for a great start to your long day. Tip: Make and refrigerate at night for the best grab-and-go morning meal.
11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul

Watermelon Panna

Why only limit the panna to mangoes when you could also get experimental with summer’s second best offering, juicy watermelons. Easy to make, this watermelon panna recipe could is the best respite from the heat.
11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul

Fruity Sun Rise

A delicious and refreshing mocktail, this drink combines the sweetness of melon and pomegranate along with the tanginess of orange and lemon to create an irresistible summery flavour. End result is a colourful and refreshing summer drink.
11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul


Watermelons are decidedly one of the most refreshing summer fruits, especially when paired with ginger and a splash of orange. Even better when it’s a boozy affair, delivering a delightfully pungent, spicy kick with every sip.
11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul

Grape Lemonade

Like grapes? Like lemonade? We've combined two big flavours to give you the perfect cocktail that promises a burst of refreshment and excitement. A few lemons, black grapes, mint leaves, lime juice, dark rum, ice cubes and a minute is all you need to cool off during the warm summer months in style.
11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul

Carrot Plum Ice Tea

Why buy bottled ice tea when making it from scratch is so easy? Plus, making your own iced tea helps you avoid artificial sweeteners found in many store-bought iced teas. In this recipe, carrot, mint and tea come together to make for a refreshing combo.
11 Drinks to Satisfy Your Summer Soul


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