10 Times Deepika Padukone Proved Food is Bae, After Ranveer!

No offence, RS!

Shraddha Varma

There are many reasons to love the reigning Queen of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone, but our reasons to adore her go beyond the silver screen. Mainly because of DP’s love for food. When you look at the flawless personality that she is, you would assume she must have to deny herself the pleasure of food. But turns out, that’s not the case with this talented actress. We scoured Deepika’s interviews to find 10 moments when she revealed her love affair with food.

Ideal Cheat Meal

In an interview with a leading fashion magazine in 2016, Deepika said that her ideal cheat meal is a sea salt cookie – that too, a big one! – with loads of ice cream. This revelation was followed by the superstar polishing off a big piece of a decadent chocolate cake (while the shoot was on!) *me want!*

Dream Dinner Party

If she could invite only four guests to her dream dinner party, Deepika said they would be Roger Federer, Barack Obama, Serena Williams and Taylor Swift. While we’re glad she’s inviting the who’s who from the international scene, we can’t help but wonder why hubby Ranveer isn’t on the list - #SorryNotSorry!

Deepika’s Life in Three Words

In October 2018, she chose to answer some fan questions on Instagram. One question (actually, its answer) that particularly stole our attention was: “Jeevan ka varnan teen shabdo mei keejiye” (Describe life in three words). Deepika’s response was, “Food, food and food!!!” accompanied by a bunch of food-related emojis.

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Dark Chocolate is Bae

Her Instagram feed is proof enough that Deepika loves chocolate, especially dark chocolate. She includes it in her diet to satiate her dessert cravings. In fact, in conversation with a leading women’s lifestyle magazine, she revealed hot chocolate as her go-to beverage to deal with the blues. According to the star, it lifts her mind and spirit.

Favourite Food

“A lovely golden brown butter masala dosa, with just the right balance of crispiness and softness,” is how Deepika likes her favourite dish, as reported by an Indian weekly magazine. You can enjoy this at her favourite dining hole, Central Tiffin Room, a quaint little eatery in Bengaluru.

Earliest Food Memory

What she remembers the most from her childhood is the sweet aroma of nankhatais and chocolate cake that would waft through their home. “Often, the whole building would be filled with the aroma and it was a heady feeling knowing it was coming from your house,” she told the weekly magazine.

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She’s a Good Cook!

Not many know that Deepika’s not just fond of eating food but cooking it too. In fact, she even cooks for her family and friends whenever she gets the time. She has attended many short cooking courses with her sister Anisha. “Both of us love cooking but because of our hectic work hours, we don’t get to spend that much time in the kitchen,” she said. The cooking courses are an opportunity to bond with her sister and she looks forward to attending more, she added.

The Last Supper

When asked what food item she’d pick as her last supper on Earth, Deepika said: “Rasam and rice! There are no ways about that!” Clearly, she loves south Indian food unconditionally. That explains why rasam-rice was on the menu at the DeepVeer wedding among other Konkani and Mangalorean dishes.

Favourite Festive Treat

As per her interaction with an online portal, her favourite festival is Ganesh Chaturthi. When it comes to favourite festive food, she loves homemade idlis steamed in banana leaves. “The flavour that the leaf imparts to the idli is just fantastic!” she said.


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