10 Tandoori Chicken Inspirations from Instagram

Instagram users show us different ways to enjoy the classic tandoori chicken

Priya Prakasan

We scouted Instagram for the most delicious pictures of tandoori chicken and ended up with 10 awesome ways to enjoy this classic dish. Some of the deconstructed versions of this popular dish are so pleasing to the eyes that you will rush to the nearest food joint to grab a huge portion of tandoori chicken. If these pictures of tandoori chicken inspire you, you could even make the tandoori chicken recipe at home without a tandoor.

Picture Perfect

This presentation of tandoori chicken by a food designer and photographer immediately caught our eye. Two delectable pieces of roasted chicken are accompanied by a salad of onion rings, a lemon wedge and coriander chutney on a beautiful plate. The tandoori chicken lover's caption reads, "Tandoori chicken all day, every day" and we agree!

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In a Salad

We found fans of tandoori chicken in Los Angeles too! This foodie called for a Tandoori Chicken Salad from an American meal kit service. Perfectly grilled pieces of tandoori chicken lie on a bed of fresh lettuce, onion rings and cucumber. This combination makes for a perfect salad bowl and a guilt-free way to indulge your love for tandoori chicken. To make your own tandoori chicken salad, check out these leftover tandoori chicken recipe ideas.

On-the-go Wrap

An Instagram user shared this picture of a Tandoori Chicken Wrap from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, giving us a glimpse of the ideal pre-flight meal. Tandoori chicken in a wrap is the perfect way to relish your favourite dish. It is a quick on-the-go snack and a filling meal too. 

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Momo Style

Momos are the perfect bite-sized snacks. Now imagine them with the mouth-watering flavours of tandoori chicken! Combining the two favourite snacks, the MTV Flyp Cafe in Mumbai presents the fusion dish of Tandoori Chicken Momos. This reimagined tandoori chicken starter is one of the most popular dishes on their menu, claims the cafe.

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When you're looking for food inspiration, you can trust Instagram to show you the most unique versions of a classic dish. Take for example Maria Doss who introduces us to naanwich. The food blogger shares an interesting way to make a desi version of sandwich using naan and tandoori chicken. Calling it "sandwiching in desi style", she suggests using store-bought naan, leftover or freshly made tandoori chicken, a cashew and mint chutney and cheese. You can also make naan at home without a tandoor.

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An Australian food service reimagines the classic tandoori chicken with Asian flavours. We cannot get over how beautiful this Asian-styled stir-fried noodles with tandoori chicken looks! This perfect meal consists of oven-roasted tandoori chicken served on a bed of stir fried vegetable noodles, garnished with some toasted sesame seeds. 

Burger Love

There is no indulgence better than a juicy burger. A casual dining chain from Bengaluru, Truffles, takes the yum factor of burgers a notch higher by adding pieces of tandoori chicken. Order the Tandoori Chicken Burger and get a juicy fillet of tandoori chicken smeared with garlic butter between soft buns.

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In Biryani

Are you looking for ideas for your house party menu? Spicy and aromatic tandoori chicken biryani can be your go-to house party main course addition. Here is a lip-smacking photo shared on Instagram that is making us crave some steaming hot biryani and raita!

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With Creamy Pasta

We are always looking for ideas to enjoy our pasta differently and this Instagram picture is giving us a lot of inspiration. An Instagram user shared a picture of this creamy pasta with pieces of tandoori chicken from D'crepes Cafe in Mumbai.

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Pizza Topping

Nobody turns down pizza! There is nothing better than settling down on a weekend with a chilled beer and digging into a meaty slice of pizza. Food photographer and blogger Akhila Shekhar made this tandoori chicken pizza and loaded it with jalapeno, cilantro, bell pepper and cheese.

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