10 Summer Desserts You Can't Resist Even When You're on a Diet

Sorry not sorry, summer diet!

To be honest, we’ve been watching the citizens of Westeros rue about the oncoming winter with a tinge of envy. Because surviving Indian summer requires a special kind of skill. And mangoes (of course!). And so, if life gives you sunshine, eat dessert! Here are 10 special recipes for you from our LF experts. Keep your refrigerator stocked with these fresh, flavourful dessert bowls for homemade pudding with fresh seasonal fruits and indulgent parfaits, and watch the summer heat melt away.

Fruit Jelly
Nothing says summer better than a chilled orange jelly with chunks of apples, pears, pineapple, chikoo, and kiwis. No additives are added to this sweet treat and it will be a hit among children and adults alike.


Mango Chocolate Parfait
Pardon the cliché but this mango and chocolate parfait is what summer dreams are made of. Ice, mango pulp, chocolate syrup, dry ginger powder and mint leaves—these five ingredients are you need to make this parfait. 


Hokey Pokey
Chef Ranveer Brar helps you recreate Hokey Pokey, a popular ice cream dessert from New Zealand. It features a generous portion of vanilla ice cream with chunks of homemade honeycomb toffee. In case, you’re not a fan of chunky toffee, you can also crush it and fold it into the ice cream.


Probably the simplest on this list, this gola recipe sums up Indian summers on a stick. All you need to prepare these ice treats is a bowl full of ice, an ice crushing machine, and a fruit crush of your choice. To make it more interesting, you can sprinkle a little chilli powder or chaat masala. This will give an additional kick to your gola. 

Mexican Mango Mousse
Make the most of the king of fruits, mango, with this creamy and delectable mousse. The dessert is served in a glass with layers of avocado pulp, mousse, and crumbled chocolate pieces. The chocolate crumbs add an edge to the Mexican Mango Mousse. 


Thandai Mousse
Who said thandai can only be enjoyed during the festival of Holi? Take your summer meals/parties to take the next level with this thick and velvety mousse. The thandai syrup is the star ingredient in this rich last course. 


Summer Pudding
This quintessential bread pudding, loaded with fresh fruits such as guavas and strawberries, is much easier than it looks. Perfect for beginners, it can be prepared under 20 minutes. 

Shwe Yin Aye
A Burmese specialty, this is a coconut cream-based dessert that doubles up as a snack. With sago pearls, slices of bread, jelly, pomegranate seeds, coconut milk, and a few other ingredients, the Shwe Yin Aye is a celebration of textures and flavours. 



Yogurt Parfait
Yes! We know it’s a breakfast staple, but who said you can’t serve/indulge in a parfait at the end of a meal? Make this dessert with layers of fruit pulps or finely chopped fruits and yogurt mixed with roasted sesame seeds and honey.


Sago Custard
Add some Thai flavours to your meals this season with this creamy sago and coconut milk-based custard. Serve it in a glass with layers of chopped kiwis, plums, strawberries, and pomegranate; and garnish it with a few slices of dried apricots.

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