10 Simple Ways To Join the Cult Of The Avocado

Avocado is a satiating, creamy and flavourful fruit that has been the belle of the ball for a while and with no signs of shying away soon.

Avocado has been a fruit that has been trending for a while now and has successfully lapped up all the attention of fitness freaks, vegans and organic cafes. Even Mumbai’s Udipi joints have introduced avocado smoothies and milkshakes.

With a number of health benefits such as lowering of cholesterol and stress levels attributed to it, this stone fruit has a creamy texture that can make your breakfasts yummier and way more exciting. But avocado is not just a breakfast option, you can easily incorporate it in different meals throughout the day. Here are a few recipes that will get the ball rolling.

After WorkoutSmoothie

A strenuous workout demands a yummy smoothie that also provides you with essential nutrients. This avocado and banana smoothie will not just fill up your stomach, it will keep you from getting hungry and binge eating.

Avo Toast and Egg

A classic and simple way to eat avocado is simply top it up on toast and fry an egg to go with it for your breakfast. Not only do eggs give you your daily protein fix, the avocado on toast tastes delicious and heavenly.

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Chocolate AvocadoMilkshake


If you are someone who tends to binge between meals, fixing yourself a quick avocado-based chocolate milkshake is a great idea. All you have to do is carry this shake to work and you have a mini-meal ready for the day.

 Avocado with Prawns

If you want a snack that is just as yummy as it is healthy, a combination of prawns and avocado is a delicious choice. Here is a quick recipe that you can use for a pre-dinner snack or your eat-at-your-desk lunch at work.

Avocado Soup

As a super food, avocado has multiple health benefits from lowering cholesterol and providing the body with healthy, monounsaturated fatty acids and fibre. So, if you find yourself pressed for time in the mornings for breakfast then incorporating avocado in your dinner is a good idea. And this cold soup is a unique recipe to try!

 Avocado Sushi 

Vegetarian sushi might sound like a contradiction but we have a variety of flavours and ingredients that go into making a totally yummy veg maki roll. Imagine the classic cucumber, cream cheese and avocado combination and tell us you aren’t drooling already?

 Chocolate AvocadoMousse 


We have all heard of smoothies, toasts and milkshakes made with avocado, but have you ever thought about using avocado in a dessert? Combine it with dark chocolate and milk and avocado tastes sumptuous in a mousse. Don’t believe us? Here is a recipe, go try it out!

 Avocado Salad 

Have you always felt that a salad will not fill you up or satisfy your craving for something tasty and yum? Well, we have a recipe that will change your mind. If you are a vegetarian you can always replace the grilled chicken with tofu or paneer. But we guarantee, this is one salad that you will want to eat for lunch every single day!

Sandwich Fix

This avocado sandwich is just what you need when you are too lazy to cook an elaborate meal. You can always make it interesting by adding pesto and veggies. Opt for brown or multigrain bread if you want to go for a healthier option.

Double Trouble

We have an alternative to the banana smoothie that you can make every day after a hectic workout. You need not stick to one smoothie all 7 days of the week! Here is a papaya and avocado smoothie that you can always replace with the banana smoothie. Top it off with thin cake slices on top and your sweet fix for the day is done!


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