10 People Who Really, Really Love Food

On the occasion of World Tattoo Day, here's celebrating people who inked themselves with food tattoos


Our love for food can sometimes take us to extreme edges. Some of us might travel far and wide for the right dish while others might patronise a particular restaurant or a particular chef for the right dish. Some special people, though, love to express their love for food by getting their favourite dishes inked. On the occasion of World Tattoo Day today, here's a look at some of the most inspiring food tattoos on the Internet. What do you think of these? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Let's start with this man whose love life is sorted

2. This person who has an excuse to stay hungover for life

Tattoo Flash

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3. This girl whose love for pizza is hard to beat

Happy #NationalPizzaDay from me and my forever-to-go slice 💕🍕 #pizzatattoo #eeeeeats

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4. We can't decide whether this person likes candy or not. What do you think?

Fun little Majin Buu candy I got to do today #tattoos #geekink #gamerink #dragonballz #majinbuu

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5. On the other hand, we can vouch for this person's love for food

6. If you thought Tom Selleck had outlived his charm post-FRIENDS, prepare to have your mind blown

7. This fruit tattoo is inspiring us to grab our share of apples and oranges as well

8. This man went one step further to affirm his love for pizza

9. Erm, we're not taking the bait

10. Finally, presenting this person's love for both burgers and fries that pretty much wins the battle


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