🍉Watermelon Tutti Frutti 🍉 By Manasi Kulkarni


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🍉Watermelon Tutti Frutti 🍉

Reusing Watermelon peels instead of throwing them away.
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Cooking Time

2 days including drying else 3 hrs

Meal Type


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  • Watermelon peel
  • Sugar
  • Food colours


  1. 1

    After removing the red portion of the watermelon, peel the dark green portion with a peeler.
  2. 2

    Cut the white portion in to small cubes.
  3. 3

    Heat a vessel with water in iPour all the pieces in it and boil it till the pieces turn transperenDrain it and keep aside till the water drains completely.
  4. 4

    Boil a 1&1/2 glass of water with 1 cup sugaAfter the sugar dissolves completely, pour all the pieces in it a keep on a low medium flame till it boilRemove from the flame and keep for around 2 hrs in the sugar syrup.
  5. 5

    After 2 hrs divide the portion to the available colours u want to colour iKeep it overnight.
  6. 6

    Remove the pieces from the syrup one by one in to a plate and let it dry in sunlight till it becomes dry.
  7. 7

    Your home made healthy Watermelon 🍉 tutti frutti is ready...🥰.

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