Vegan Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa) By Sheela Iyer


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Vegan Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)

A carrot halwa cake is a delight for weight watchers and diabetics. The halwa is also vegan-friendly and gluten-free.
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  • 500 gms Fresh red carrots
  • 250 gms Dates
  • 5 tbsp Coconut oil
  • 200 ml Coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp Cardamom Powder
  • 5 Cashew nuts
  • 5 Almonds


  1. 1

    Soak dates in one glass of water for 15 mins.
  2. 2

    Remove seeds from the dates and cut into small pieces.
  3. 3

    Grate the carrots.
  4. 4

    Heat a wok and add the coconut oil.
  5. 5

    When oil is hot add the grated carrots.
  6. 6

    Add the coconut milk.
  7. 7

    Stir continuously till carrots are cooked and reduced to half.
  8. 8

    Add the dates with the water to the cooked carrots.
  9. 9

    Stir and Cook till mixture leaves the sides.
  10. 10

    Add the cardamom powder and mix everything well.
  11. 11

    Transfer the halwa into a round bowl.
  12. 12

    Invert the cake shaped mix on to a plate.
  13. 13

    Decorate with cashews and almonds.
  14. 14

    Serve hot.

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