Veg Delight Pizza on Tawa with homemade pizza base By Pooja Ladva


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Veg Delight Pizza on Tawa with homemade pizza base

Whole pizza recipe is totally home made without oven on tawa with easy available ingredients. Pizza base is home made came about superb fluffy bread on tawa. Fully pizzeria style taste and outcome of pizza. Pizza sauce easy to cook with ingredients.
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4 Servings

Cooking Time

Dough required 1-2 hr, pizza - 30 min

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  • 2 cup All purpose flour (Maida flour)
  • 1tbspn dry yeast
  • 1tbspn salt
  • 2tbspn oil
  • 1 .5 cup Luke warm water
  • 1/2 tbspn sugar
  • 1/2 cup red pizza sauce (as per pizza base size requirements)
  • 1/2cup White sauce ( as per pizza base size requirements)
  • 250 gm cheese ( mozzarella/processed)
  • 2-3 tomato long sliced
  • 2-3 long chopped Onion
  • 1-2 long chopped capsicums
  • 1cup boil sweet corn
  • Oregano 1tbspn
  • 1tbspn mix herbs
  • 1tbpsn chilly flakes


  1. 1

    First of all in a glass take 5-6tbspn Luke warm water add 1 tbspn dry yeast and sugar mix and dissolve welCover it and put it aside for 10 min.
  2. 2

    In a big bowl take all purpose flour (maida), add 1 tbspn oil, salt and dissolve mixture of yeasMix well and start adding little Luke warm water and kneed soft dougAdd 1/2 tbspn oil and bind dough well.
  3. 3

    Cover dough with wet cloth and rest for 1-2 hr.
  4. 4

    After 1-2 hr take a dough it is double in sizFermented dough kneed it well for 5 min add oil if dough stick on hand.
  5. 5

    Now divide dough into 4 proportion with knife.
  6. 6

    Take one portion and cover other dough with wet cloth.
  7. 7

    Dust portion of dough with dry maida flour and roll thick round as per size of tawNote: don't roll it thine expect u required thin crust pizza.
  8. 8

    Make a hole with fork in pizza base that is rolled out.
  9. 9

    Now take a tawa Greece it with oil /butter /gheAdd rolled pizza base on it.
  10. 10

    Now apply red pizza sauce, then spread White sauce on it, again white sauce is optionaTopping vegetables as per your choice like onion, tomato, capsicum, sweet corn etAdd grated cheese and white sauce on iNow add seasoning like oregano, chilly flakes, mix herbs.
  11. 11

    Now put tawa on low-mid flame and cover it with liAnd cook pizza for 10-12 miCheck the base in betwee.
  12. 12

    After approx 10 min you will notice base become fluffy like bread and cheese is melted with tempting aroma of seasoning.
  13. 13

    Put off flame and take pizza out in serving disCut into four pieceAnd in same process make other pizzas.
  14. 14

    Yummy delicious domino style pizza is ready to serve.
  15. 15

    If you want to make Margherita pizza , avoid veg add only add cheese and seasoning.

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