Thinai Ven Pongal
Try this healthy, delicious and savoury recipe which is high on proteins and makes for a perfect breakfast cereal.
Thinai Ven Pongal recipe

- Indian

Cooking Time

-10-15 Min


- Medium

Preparation Time

- 10 Min



  1. 1

    In a pressure cooker, add water, foxtail millet, moong dal and turmeric powder.
  2. 2

    Pressure cook for 3- 4 whistles.
  3. 3

    Blend chopped ginger, cumin powder, pepper powder and curry leaves in a mixer grinder.
  4. 4

    Then, add some water to get a balanced flavour and grind it well again.
  5. 5

    In a saucepan, add ghee, oil and cashew nuts.
  6. 6

    Saut� till the cashew nuts turn golden brown.
  7. 7

    Then, add the grinded mixture and the cooked thinai and moong dal.
  8. 8

    Sprinkle salt to add taste to the pongal.
  9. 9

    Saut� them well.
  10. 10

    Add a cup of water to it and cook it for 5-10 minutes.
  11. 11

    Serve hot to enjoy your meal.
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