Sujji gulab jamun By shraddha fulmamdikar


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Sujji gulab jamun

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Sujji gives so good taste.
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8 people

Cooking Time

30 mins

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  • Sugar - 1.5,elachi, sujji - 1 cup..
  • Elachi powdered & sujji powdered


  1. 1

    In pan first take 1.5 cup sugar and same amount of water...boil it ...till it get sticky syrup..
  2. 2

    Now take mixer in that add 1cup sujji fine powdered it ...
  3. 3

    Now take a pan brush ghee to pan than add powdered sujji & roast it till it get aromatic smell & color...
  4. 4

    Add 1cup milk to sujji powder and make batter with out lumps .slowly add mixing it.. so our dough is ready.. cool it slightly & make into dough take 1tbsp of oil and keep aside..After that make round ball & u can make some flowers also which I it's ready to fry..
  5. 5

    Now heat oil in kadai and fry the round balls till it gets golden brown..
  6. 6

    Slightly cool the balls and add to warm syrup add elachi powder as per u r taste..
  7. 7

    So, our gulab jamun is ready to eat...delicious..

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