Shahi biryani By Baishakhi Ghosh


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Shahi biryani

Its Aroma increases my hunger and it's so tasty, I made it yesterday. I learnt from my mother she is is the best cook in the world.
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12 Servings

Cooking Time

1 hour

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  • Basmati rice 500 gram, chicken, rose water Keora water meetha attar, Shahi biryani masala, whole garam masala, salt sugar eggs potatoes some butter black paper powder


  1. 1

    At first you have to cook the rice 70%. While cooking the rice you have to add whole garam masala like cinnamon small cardamoms big cardamom jaiphal bay leaves longs etc.into the water and add some salt. After cooking 70% off it add some sugar and boil for once after that drain the water from the rice. Rice is ready keep aside.
  2. 2

    Heat a big kadai add some butter and black paper powder then fry boiled potatoes and eggs. Keep aside . After that at some bay leaves in the kadai put some of those rice add boiled fried potatoes and eggs on the rise ( you have to cook chicken alreadand add some chicken pieces on it . Then cover the the potatoes eggs and chickens with rest of the rice. In a small bowl take some milk add 3 tablespoon of Keora water , 2 tablespoon of rose water and one tablespoon of meetha attar. Stir it and put it on the rice. Add some beresta(fried onions). Cook in dum .

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