Sesame chicken By Tanmoyee Sarma


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Sesame chicken

This is crispy sesame chickens which is from the Asian cuisine and it gives all kind of flavor in the mouth and just melts down in your mouth. Sweet, salty, crispy, sticky and a little bit spicy, it covers all the bases.
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4 Servings

Cooking Time

Prep time: 60 mins cook time: 30 mins

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  • To marinate chicken
  • i. Chicken breast - 500 gm
  • ii. 6 clove of garlic chopped
  • iii.salt - 1tsp
  • iv.pepper- 1tsp
  • v. Soy sauce - 3 tbsp
  • vi. Corn flour - 1 tbsp
  • vii. Red chilli
  • viii. Egg - 1
  • To make sauce
  • i. Tomato ketchup - 3 tbsp
  • ii. Soy sauce - 2 tbsp
  • iii. Vinegar - 1 tbsp
  • iv. Honey- 3tsp
  • v. Sugar - 1 tsp
  • Oil for deep frying
  • Corn flour - 3 tsp
  • Water
  • Chopped cabbage
  • Red chilli
  • Toasted sesame seeds


  1. 1

    In a bowl add garlic, salt, pepper, soy sauce, corn flour, red chilli and egg and mix them well Let it marinate for 1 hour Heat some oil for deep frying, gently drop the pieces of marinated chicken and cook them till they are golden brown in color Keep the fried chicken pieces aside. In a bowl add ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar, honey, and sugar and mix everything together Heat a pan and add the sauce and water and bring it to a boil Add the corn flour slurry to the sauce and mix well and let it get thick in consistency Add the fried chicken pieces to the sauce and cook for 2 mins Finally add chopped cabbage, red chilli and sprinkle sesame seed over it .

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