Rasmalai Fusion By PRAJAKTTA PARAB


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Rasmalai Fusion

This dish is designed by considering the lockdown ( Easy available ingredients at home) and health factor.
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2 Servings

Cooking Time

60 Mins

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  • A) For carrot halwa: 1. Grated Carrot - 1 medium size 2. 1tbsp ghee 3. 2 tbsp milk 4. Cardamom/ elachi powder 5. Jaggery as per requirement 5. Dry fruits for garnish B) Green peas halwa 1. Fresh green peas boiled and coarsely ground 1 cup 2. Jaggery1 cup 3. Ghee 1tbsp 4. Khoya or mawa grated 5. Dry fruits 6. Elaichi powder C). For rasmalai 1. Chenna/ paneer 2. 2tbsp lemon juice for 1litre milk used to prepare chenna 3. 1 cup water 4. For Sugar syrup : 1 1/2 cup sugar ,8 cup water D) For basundi 1. 1litre milk 2. 1/4 cup Jaggery 3. 1/2 tsp cardamom powder 4. 2tbsp saffron milk 5. Tuty fruity or any thing available at home for garnishing E) Spun Sugar (used for garnish) 1. 200gm /1cup sugar


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    A)Gajar Halwa : 1.wash ,peel and grate the carrot 2. Add ghee in a pan and add chopped dry fruits into it .roast it for a minute 3. Add grated carrot in the same pan and cook the carrot till they turn soft . 4. Add mill to it as required, mix well and let the milk come to boil. 5. Stir in between so that the milk does not get stick to the bottom. 6. Add khoya i to it and then cook carrot and milk on low flame for 30minutes. 7. Once it is cooked peoperly add Jaggery into it and mix properly . 8. Once again cook the carrot properly . 9. Add elaichi powder to it and mix properly. 10. Garnish with dry nuts .
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    B) Green peas halwa 1. Coarsely grind green peas in a grinder. 2. In a pan take 1tbsp ghee and add the blended green peas into it . 3. Cook it thoroughly 4. Add 1tbsp milk into it and allow it to cook properly . 5. Once its cooked properly add jaggery and a little amount of milk and mix it well. 6. Allow it to cook again 7. Once its cooked add elaichi powder and chopped nuts into it. 8. Allow it to cool .
  3. 3

    C)Rasmalai 1. Boil milk. 2. Additionally ,add lemon juice and stir till milk curdles completely . 3. Drain the curdled milk and squeeze off excess water 4. Wash the curdled milk.once again with normal.water so that the taste of lemon goes out of it . 5. After 30 minutes start to knead the chenna for 10min. 6. Further , make small balls and faltten them.keep aside. Then make sugar syrup by taking 1 1nd half cup sugar with 8 cups water . Boil for 10minutes and then put the paneer balls in the sugar solution and cover and boil it for further 12 to 15minutes. Further squeeze off sugar syrup .
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    D)Basundi 1. Heat milk and get it to boil 2. Once the milk is boiled add chopped nuts into it. 3. Stir well and make sure that the milk dosent stick to the bottom 4. Boil the milk.on low flame for 30 min or till milk.reduces 5. Keep stiring and add half cup jaggery and 1/4tsp saffron and mix well 6. Boil.for another 5minutes or till the milk.thickens 7. Add cardamom powder and mix well. 8. Refrigerate it.
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    E) Sugar Spun 1.melt the sugar in pan ,stirring until it has completely melted into caramel 2. Once a proper consistency is formed take the caramel down from.the heat and start drizzling the caramel in whichever shape you want on a plate greasef with oil or butter so that its easy to remove off later . 3. Once you removed it from.the plate you can use it for garnish.
  6. 6

    While garnishing : Make a base of carrot halwa ,then in middlr keep the rasmalai and on top place the green peas halwa.for garnishing use the sugar spun on top of it. And the pour the basundi on the plate aside .garnish with tuty fruity or whatever is available at home.

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