#Nutkhut_Fruit_delight By Sheela Saraf


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Guilt_free ,sugarfree, healthy dessert full of nutritious fruits and nuts with basic ingredients.
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  • 6-8 Graham crackers/orio biscuits 1/2 cup fresh cream 1/4 cup desiccated coconut 2tsps dry fruits powder 1tsp milkmaid/ honey 2-4tsps of strawberry crush 1cup mixed chopped fresh fruits 2tbsps crushed roasted nuts Serving glasses/bowls


  1. 1

    Take a mocktail glass or dessert bowl or any glass of your choice. Pour 1tsp strawberry crush at the base.
  2. 2

    Make a mixed fruit layer now. In a bowl mix chopped fruits of your choice(Mango,apple,kiwi,strawberries,grapes,orange,etc).Add this fruit layer.
  3. 3

    Add a layer of crushed biscuits of your choice.I prefer Graham crackers/Orio without cream/Marie.With the help of spoon even the layer.
  4. 4

    The 3rd layer is a cream made using 1/2 cup fresh cream+ 1/4cup desiccated coconut+ 2tsps dry fruits powder 1tsp milkmaid. Just mix all 4 ingredients and make a cream. pour it on biscuit layer evenly.
  5. 5

    Now we add some crushed roasted nuts(almonds, cashews, walnuts).
  6. 6

    Garnish with fresh cherries/ fruits. chill and serve by putting a biscuit on the top.
  7. 7

    If your glass is long, you can repeat the layers.

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