Molten chocolate lava cake in pressure cooker By Priya biswal


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Molten chocolate lava cake in pressure cooker

The chocolate moltes in front of eye it's fantastic, and it's taste and healthy too.
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  • Dark chocolate, 1cup whole wheat, 1 cup jaggery, 4tbs Coco powder, 1tbs baking powder, 1/2tbs baking soda, 1tbs vanilla essence, butter 100g, curd 5tbs, milk as required to make a cake batter.


  1. 1

    Step1:To make a chocolate sheet 1st melt the dark chocolate through double boiling method, once it's melt half of the chocolate place into transparent sheet and spread as thin as possible and leave it in a refrigerator don't freeze iWhen it's come to room temperature shape it so that it match with cake shapRemaining half combined with milk.
  2. 2

    Step2: take a bowl add butter and jaggery whisk it, then add curd and vanilla essence whisk together, now take a sieve add whole wheat, Coco powder, baking powder and baking soda, now combined both wet and dry ingredients just fold it, add milk to it to make cake batter not so pouring and not so harNow grease the cake tray with butter and dust with whole wheat flour so that cake don't stick and burn, now transfer the cake batter into cake try(fill only half or bit more not completely).
  3. 3

    Step 3: pre heated cooker about 5mins with sand or salt, place any stand or plate so that not directly contact with tray, now overlap with cake tray, now close the cooker and don't forget to remove whistle, now it takes 30-40mins to bakOnce check after 30mins with toothpick it's coming clean cake is ready take off from cooker and allow it for room temperaturThen demould it.
  4. 4

    Step 4: Now take cake and remove the middle portion of the cake with help of cutter, take melted chocolate (room temperaturpour into half of the cut section, now place the chocolate sheet, last is not the least now heat some chocolate and pour it in the middle portion of cake now you can see magic.

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