Mango cake with pistachio sorbet and caramel jelly By Atharva Dichavalkar


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Mango cake with pistachio sorbet and caramel jelly

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it was a surprise for my mother on the occasion of mothers day
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2 people

Cooking Time

to make the dish 2 hrs and to bake the cake 25 mins and to set the sorbet 4 hrs

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  • for the mango cake 1 mango , 60 grams mango puree, 100 grams all purpose flour 60 grams sugar 40 grams milk 20 grams oil 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon salt ,5 spoon aquafaba 1 spoon oil to grease
  • frosting 5 spoon aquafaba , 3 spoon sugar
  • pistachio sorbet 5 big spoon pistachio paste 100 grams hung curd 120 ml milk and 60 grams sugar
  • caramel jelly 120 grams sugar 100 ml water 3 teaspoon gelatin
  • citric mango puree 100 grams mango puree 1 teaspoon citric acid 1 lemon zest and 3 teaspoon sugar
  • some dry fruits chopped
  • 2 lemon grass 50 ml oil to deep fryaaa


  1. 1

    lets start with mango cake take 5 spoon aquafaba and beat until soft peaks then in a separate bowl take 100 grams of all purpose flour ,60 grams sugar,40 grams milk ,20 grams oil ,1 teaspoon baking powder ,1 teaspoon vanilla extract ,1/2 teaspoon salt ,60 grams mango puree and mix it ,then gently fold the aquafaba in the mixture . now take a heavy bottom pot preheat it for 10 mins, then take a mold grease it with oil place the mold inside the pan for 25 mins first 10 mins on high heat next 10 mins on low heat and then next 5 mins on medium heat . now remove the lid and remove the mold out keep it in a cool place .
  2. 2

    cut the cake using a cookie cutter and divide that part in 2 halves ,( take 5 spoon aquafaba add 3 spoon sugar and beat up till stiff peakcover the cake with the aquafaba and keep it in the fridge for 30 mins now cut a mango cut thin slices and cover the in such a way that it creates the shape of a rose. then keep it inside the fridge for 30 mins .
  3. 3

    lets start the pistachio sorbet ,add 5 big spoons of pistachio paste mix it with (hung curd 100 grams)and 120 ml of milk and 60 grams of sugar and keep the mixture in the frezer for 4 hrs you sorbet is ready.
  4. 4

    caramel jelly in a pan take 120 grams of sugar heat it for 6 mins on medium heat .now add 100 ml water and bloom 3 teaspoon gelatin and add in the mixture and keep it in fridge for 25 mins cut it in small squares and keep it aside .
  5. 5

    citric mango puree take 100 grams of mango puree add 1 teaspoon citric acid 1 lemons zest and 3 teaspoon sugar .
  6. 6

    chop some dry fruits to give nice crunch to the dish , deep fry 2 piece of lemon grass jus to add some freshness.
  7. 7

    lets plate add a dash of citric mango puree on base, then place the mango cake place the jelly on the sauce add some dry fruits the make a nice quinelle of the sorbet and then we are done.

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