Lotus stem kebabs By Vidhi chauhan


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Lotus stem kebabs

It's made from stem of lotus flower, as kebabs basically made from meat..I tried vegetarian version of kebabs, so that vegetarian can also enjoy. Lotus stem rich in fiber ,vitmain c has a lots of health benefits. Some don't like to eat it's sabji so converting them into kebabs is a good option
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4 Servings

Cooking Time

30 mins

Meal Type


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  • 2 long stick of lotus stem
  • 1/4 cup chana dal
  • Ginger, green chilli 1-2, garlic 5-6 ,onion 1 grated
  • Turmeric, corriendar powder ,chhat masala, salt ,lemon
  • 2 green elaichi seed , 1/4 tea spoon cinnamon powder, garam masala
  • Besan or chickpea flour


  1. 1

    First waah the stem nicely and boil Lotus stick and chana dal adding cinnamon powder + green elachi seed .
  2. 2

    Now grind the boil stem, adding ginger garlic green chilli .
  3. 3

    To this mixture add salt ,all spices powder .
  4. 4

    Add small grated onions, and if the dough is thick add 2 spoon besan.
  5. 5

    Add 2 spoon lemon juice and garam masala powder .
  6. 6

    Now mix well and give shape of your choice and shallow fry from all sides and serve hot.
  7. 7

    Served with spicy myannoise and lotus stem fries .
  8. 8

    For lotus stem fries..cut the stem in thin pieces and deep fry and sprinkle salt ,chhat masala and red chilli .

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