Homemade Pizza By Aparna Vaibhav Kapil


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Homemade Pizza

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4 Servings

Cooking Time

30 minutes

Meal Type


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  • 150 gm Maida, 1 tea spoon sugar,1 cup curd and 1 small pack eno, 1 small Onion, half tamoto, capsicum,100 gm cheese, 150gm Mozzarella cheese and Pizza toppin


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    Take 100gm Maida, 1 tea spoon eno and mix with 1cup of curd and prepare one doe then give the circle shape to our doNow our pizza base is readGive some hole on pizza doe by fork spooThen use pizza topping on pizza base properly and put on onion, tomato, capsicum and cheese on pizza base you can add some more vegetables as your choicThen put up mozzarella cheese on the pizza perfectly add some pizza seasoning also on the pizzNow our pizza is ready for heating under the microwavPlease preheat oven on 180°c temperature and set the time as 10-15 minutes on our microwave oveNow our yummy pizza is ready for eaServe it with some cold drink as well...

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