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Gulabi ishq summer

This recepie is cold but a unique concept in this taste is like chilly and sweet and also rose flavour and top up with makhana papad
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4 to 5 pepoles are enjoy this dish

Cooking Time

40 to 50 min but in ice cream you take a more time

Meal Type


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  • Milk, chilli, orange, beefruit, condence milk
  • Rose leaf
  • Bread
  • Makhana
  • Sugar


  1. 1

    First make beefruit puriy and cook with sugar sause is ready.
  2. 2

    Second make a makana papad mixer a makhana powder and one taSpoon oil and in a sauce pan your better put down and make a papad thin.
  3. 3

    We use orange gest as afour ice cream in this we heat a pan in to we put milk and cook and put some sugar, chilli, rose water, rose and make a mixer and after cool down you set your ice-cream colour.
  4. 4

    And after this you plat your dish first one circule bread slice and one spoon ice cream and after you slice another bread slice and top with beefruit sauce and top with makhana papad and orange zest as a beautiful colour and taste have enjoy your summer dish in lockdown 😊.

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