Gujiya stuffed with coconut and sooji By Manorama Wati


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Gujiya stuffed with coconut and sooji

A treat for sweet tooth with coconut twist.
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15 pieces

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  • 1/2 grated coconut
  • 100gm sooji
  • 150gm sugar
  • 100gm cashew
  • 100gm rasin
  • 4-5 grinded green elachi
  • 100gm all purpose flour (maida)
  • 100gm whole wheat flour (atta)
  • 4-5 teaspoon oil for moyan
  • 400gm oil for frying


  1. 1

    Mix whole wheat flour and all purpose flour together.
  2. 2

    Add 4-5 teaspoon of oil to the mixture as moyaAnd mix well until all the oil is distributed properly throughout the mixture.
  3. 3

    Add water to the mixture to make a little hard dough.
  4. 4

    Filling steps.
  5. 5

    Add grated coconut to a pan and dry heat it without oil.
  6. 6

    Separately dry heat sooji without oil.
  7. 7

    In a dish add pre heated grated coconut and sooji along with all others ingredients : sugar, Cashew, rasin, grinded green elachMix it well.
  8. 8

    Make small balls with the dough.
  9. 9

    Make those balls into small roti.
  10. 10

    Pour the coconut mixture on the roti such that it can be half folded into half moon shapes.
  11. 11

    Make a twisted folding with the extra pressed part of the half folded gujiya.
  12. 12

    Fry them well in oiAnd serve them.

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