Golden nest on chocolate tree By Parth Vaijwade


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Golden nest on chocolate tree

Surprise of mango filling in the eggs which is very yummy.
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4 Servings

Cooking Time

45 min

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  • For nest - 1cup of sugar, 1tsp of water. For eggs - for covering of eggs 1cup of rice flour, 1cup of water, 1tsp of ghee, sat to test. For egg's filling - 1cup of besan, 1cup of sugar n 1cup of mango puree. For garnishing - chocolate syrup, mint leaves n crumble


  1. 1

    Egg making - boil 1cup of water add 1tsp of ghee n salt to taste then add rice flour n mix together. Make it's soft dough. In other pan heat 1tsp of ghee dry roast besan. Keep it in plate for cooling. In the pan add sugar n melt it then add mango puree n roasted besan. Cook it with continue rotating. Till it left the sides of pan. Cool it at room temperature for some time. Make small balls of rice flour dough, flat it n add mango filling n shape them of egg. Steam eggs in the steamer for 10 mins. Nest making - Heat the pan. Add sugar n water. Melt the sugar till it becomes caramel with continue rotating. Cool it for some time. Make it's spun.
  2. 2

    Now plating - spread the chocolate sauce in plate n shape it as tree. Keep the nest with eggs on tree. Garnish it with mint leaves n chocolate. At the bottom side spread some crumble.

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