Egg biryani By vaishali jadhav


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Egg biryani

This receipy contains protein from egg and alot of ingredients that makes it special
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4 people

Cooking Time

25 mintus

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  • 2bowl boiled rice,
  • 2bowl boiled rice, 100 gm Onion ,100gm tomato,10gm ginger garlic paste,chilli powder, tumeric,salt as per taste,garam masala, biryani masala coriender small cup for garnishing


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    First of all boil the rice. Put the pan on gas , pourd the oil for fry onion. Shallow fry the onion and withdraw the same in one plate. Again put some oil in the fry pan then red cilli, salt, garam masala,termarric tejpan ,ginger garlic paste and fry the same for some time.put 4 boiled eggs in the pan. After mixing the same all ingredients should be withdraw in another plate. Again put some ediable oil in fry pan. Put the chopped onion. Put the tommato in the fry pan. Again put chilli power, termarric powder, biryani masala. Mix the same .fry the same. Put the boiled rice in the fry pan and put the golden fry onion on the rice. Put some corriender on the rice . Mix the same. Put the all eggs as per your wish on the fried rice . Guarnish the same by putting corriender. Peace of tommato and here eggs biryani is ready for serve.

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