Coconut & Poppy seeds sweet Dish By Jaisinghani Heena


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Coconut & Poppy seeds sweet Dish

It is desi n healthy
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2 Servings

Cooking Time

max 25 mins

Meal Type


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  • 3 table spoons desi ghee
  • 2 table spoons poppy seeds
  • 1 table spoon grated coconut (readymade)
  • 1 cup full cream milk
  • 1/2 table spoon rice flour
  • 1/2 table spoon rava/ suji (daily usage one)
  • condensed milk as sweetener
  • cardamom powder as per flavor
  • dry fruits n grapes for garnishing


  1. 1

    step 1 :- Take a pan heat the desi ghee.
  2. 2

    step2:- Add poppy seeds and grated coconut roast well in ghee (poppy seeds gets roasted easily so see to it doesn't get's bur.
  3. 3

    step 3:- Add full cream milk n cook poppy seeds n grated coconut in it unit it is done now you will see it is still in little bit liquid form so for thickness purpose add rice flour and rava/suji keep stirring until it gets mix well and lumps go away .
  4. 4

    Now add condensed milk as per sweetness you require and cardamom powder as per flavor n cook for few minutes say 3 mins.
  5. 5

    Finally take plate put the made recipe in plate make round shape with spoon or rounder whatever possible n garnish with dry fruits n grapes (please note there might be extra ghee come out while cooking in pan so you can utilize that extra ghee for some other purpose not necessary all the ghee which comes out while cooking should be used while plating, the purpose of ghee is to cook well, give flavor well n taste well).

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