Chocolate Oreo Cake By Shivam Chopra


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Chocolate Oreo Cake

everyone can make this easily at home without the help of oven or microwave during the time of COVID-19 . Stay Home Stay Safe and Most important thing why this cake was special because my mom made this cake first time and everyone praise it. 😊😊
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4 - 5

Cooking Time

1 hour

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  • 2 packets of oreo buscuit ( 120 gm each )
  • 1/3 of glass of lookwarm milk
  • 1 tsp of sugar, half cube of butter
  • Roasted almonds,Hershey’s choclate syrup
  • Choclate rolls for decoration
  • Crushed choclate,half tsp of baking powder and ENO


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    Pre heated your kadahi containing salt and cover it with a palte,crush Oreo buscuit and grind in mixer after grinding put these crushed buscuits into a bowl then add sugar,baking powder,ENO,Milk then mix it for 2-3 mins.greece cake tin or bowl with butter and flour,then transfer your better to the greeced cake tin and bake it for 35 - 45 mins in pre heated kadahi. Check weather the cake is baked with the help of toothpick, if yes then remove it from kadahi and let it cool for 5 mins then laying down into a plate and deacorate it with roasted almonds,choclate rolls,choclate syrup and crushed choclate. Your Choclate Oreo Cake is ready to eat.

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