Cheesy Cauliflower with a twist of Salsa! By Ritu


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Cheesy Cauliflower with a twist of Salsa!

Its easy,delicious and nutritious with a goodness of taste and an innovative twist.
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6 Servings

Cooking Time

20 min(cooking)25 min to prepare and ready ingredients

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  • Cauliflower {medium size floret}
  • White Sauce(1 cup}
  • Ready to use salsa sauce
  • salt(as per taste)
  • Black pepper powder{as per taste)
  • Grated cheese(150-200gms)


  1. 1

    Take a medium size baking dish about 8 to 10 inches diameter and grease it slightly at base and keep asidPreheat oven at 185 degrees C.
  2. 2

    Take a medium size cauliflower ,cut it into equal size florets and par boil it by putting it in boiling water till it softens a little but is not fully boiled and then take it out,wash with cold water to stop any further cooking.
  3. 3

    Layer these florets in the baking dish that you've chosen.
  4. 4

    Now take the white sauce that you can pre-ready by the help of the process explained in brackets{you need to take about two to three tablespoon white flour and dry roast on a low flame,till its raw smell goes away.Then cool it down and add some room temperature milk,stirring continuously so that no lumps are formed and keeping the consistency neither too thick nor too thin.Also add some salt and black pepper to it for taste}Pour this white sauce over the cauliflower florets such that they all get covered by it.
  5. 5

    Now take any salsa sauce that is easily available in the market and is ready to uPut it with help of a spoon on all the florets trying to partially cover them with this next layer after white sauce.Since the white sauce and salsa already has salt and pepper you can still sprinkle some more keeping your taste and requirement in mind.
  6. 6

    After this nicely layer it up with grated cheese all over.
  7. 7

    Now place your dish in the pre heated oven and let it bake at 185 degrees C for 15 to 20 MIN till the cheese has nicely browned and the cauliflower is all baked.{the aroma in the kitchen will also help you understand it better).
  8. 8

    Once done take it out of the oven,wait for sometime and then slice it and you will feel the dish nice, crisp and yet soft.Serve this with Garlic bread,Pita or buns.

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